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Latest Technology Guide - A Free Online Series for Beginners

Android Event Handling - Manage the Action of Users Interaction - DataFlair

Android Event Handling - Understand in detail about Event Handling in Android & explore its 3 main concepts & know how to implement event handling in Android..

Android App with Python - How Python on Android Works? - DataFlair

Learn if you can develop Android app with Python? How Python helps in developing android application and shall we do android app development using python?

What is the future for Android developers - Android Future Scope - DataFlair

Future for android developers - Why you should learn android and what is android future scope, how android developer is in demand & companies hiring them.

How to Set Eclipse for Android Developers - DataFlair

Setup eclipse for android developers to create android applications. install Eclipse IDE on Linux. Integrate Android SDK with Eclipse IDE and start using it

Top 7 Programming Languages for Android App Development - DataFlair

Which is the Best Programming Languages for Android App Development - Java, Kotlin, C/C++, C#, python, corona, basic? Which language is most preferred for android?

Android Layout and Views - Types and Examples - DataFlair

Android Layout and Views - Learn what is view & layout in android, types of views & how to use them, what is viewgroup and types of layouts with attributes.

How to Start Android Application Development for Beginners? - DataFlair

How to start Android Application Development - Learn in 4 steps how to create your android app & run it.What are the prerequisites for creating android app

Android Studio Vs Eclipse - Which is Better for Android Developers? - DataFlair

Android Studio vs Eclipse - What is eclipse & Android Studio, Similarities & differences between Android Studio vs Eclipse to see what to use for android

Set Android Virtual Device(AVD) for Android Programming - DataFlair

Android virtual device - Learn how to setup AVD for android programming. Why we need AVD and who are its users along with its features.

Android Web Services - Architecture, Features and Types - DataFlair

What is Web Services? What are Android Web Services, its components and types, advantages and limitations, XML Remote Procedure Call

Android Push Notification Overview - DataFlair

Learn what is Android push notification, history and uses of push notification, Push notifications and methods, Push Notification APIs and implementation

Android SQLite Database for Android Developers - DataFlair

Android SQLite database - Learn what is SQLite in android, Its need, its features that make it so helpful & methods of SQLite

Build a Simple Calculator App in Android Studio [Source Code Included] - DataFlair

Learn how to develop a simple calculator app in android studio. This is a good android project for beginners, as it will increase your ability to apply logic while you’re coding.

Android Hello World Program - Create Your First App in Android Studio - DataFlair

Android Hello World example in Android Studio. Learn how to start android development in android studio. This is a very simple android project & doesn't need to do much coding

Android Vs iOS - Which is Better for App Development? - DataFlair

Android vs iOS - Learn the difference between Android and iOS both of which are very famous operating systems. Learn which is better for app development?

Top 10 Tools for Android Game Development - DataFlair

Top 10 Tools for Android Game Development - Unity, Unreal Engine, Marmalade SDK, AppGame kit, Construct 2, ClickTeam fusion, GameMaker Studio 2, MonoGame, Amazon LumberYard, Cocos 20-x

Best Android App Development Books for Android Developers - TechVidvan

Best Android app development books that will help Android developers to master android. Learn Android A-Z through these books and become Android Programmer.

How to Publish Android App on Google Play Store - DataFlair

Steps to Publish an Android app on Google Play Store - Who can publish android app on Google play, what to check before publishing the app?

Android Proguard Tool - How to Enable Proguard in Android? - DataFlair

Android Proguard tool - What is proguard in android and what is its use, how to enable it, advantages and limitations of android proguard tool.

Android Studio Installation & Uses for Android Applications - DataFlair

Learn what is Android studio, its uses and features. Learn how to install android studio to create your android application.

Create Tic Tac Toe Game App in Android Studio - DataFlair

Tic Tac Toe android app is a good game project for beginners. Work on real-time android projects and become industry ready.

Android Project Ideas - Learn to solve real-world problems - Project Gurukul

Android Project Ideas - Work on real-time android projects and boost your profile. Start with basic android projects and solve some advanced use-cases.

How to Build Scientific Calculator App using Android Studio - DataFlair

Develop Scientific Calculator App in Android Studio (source code included) - Learn the art of android project development and become an android professional

What is Android - Introduction, Features, Applications and Scope - TechVidvan

Learn about Android - Operating system & programming platform developed by Google for mobile phones & other mobile devices like tablets.

Install Android - Easiest Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners - TechVidvan

In this article, you will get to know about Android studio and its uses. Along with this, you will get to see how you can install Android Studio on your PC. You can find the installation procedure for the following operating systems: