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Dytron| TMT Bar Company in Kolkata

Dytron TMT is one of the leading TMT bar manufacturing companies in Kolkata. Due to our international standard quality products, our products have become more demanding in the market.

Dytron TMT is one among the TMT bar manufacturer in Kolkata which produces using the best quality materials to meet the industry norms and customer requirements. They are technologically advanced and can withstand the load and are ideal for structures.

What are the 4 most essential Steel Bar reinforcement tests that are necessary?

All construction material should be subject to tests and data analysis as the most crucial part of understanding the basic characteristics of the same material. All materials or substances like metals, ceramics, and plastics have varying conditions. We obtain data that acts as a foundation to specify the suitability of the materials for various applications. Steel bars not being an exception, it should equally be tested before pressing them into numerous specific uses.
In fact, the most common test for steel bar reinforcement is the tensile test, bending test, and chemical analysis. Dytron Steel is one company that continuously does research on these aspects of TMT bars, thereby making them one of the top TMT bar companies in Kolkata.
Mill Certificate
It refers to a quality assurance document that one uses in the metal industry showing a metal product’s compliance with the international standards. It has to accompany materials to intermediate suppliers and finished goods manufacturers. It certifies both the chemical and physical properties. This document provides the end-user of the raw material verification that the material they receive is per the order requirements. Also, it helps maintain the traceability of the material from the inception stage to inclusion in a finished part.
Bending Test
A bend test is an inexpensive qualitative test that is used to determine the flexibility and soundness of materials. Bend tests deform a test steel material midway causing a bend to form without a fracture. Consequently, you specify the material’s resistance level. A bend test’s goal is to load the sample material into a specific shape.
Bend tests help determine whether a material will fail under pressure especially in construction processes. The frequency of bending test is necessary to maintain so that no steel reinforcement with failed bending test reports can be used and prevent it from the possible structural issue.
Tension Test
A tension test of materials is a destructive process that provides information about the tensile strength, yield strength, and elasticity of the sample. This test is done to determine how the material reacts when you apply force on it. Usually, by pulling the metal, you identify the material’s tensile strength, yield strength as well as how much it will elongate.
Tension test is one of the critical criteria where you submit a steel bar sample to tension which is under control until the failure stage.

Tension testing is essential:
• Predicting a material performance in use under normal and extreme forces.
• Finding out the requirements’ specifications to ensure meeting the regulation of the contract.
• Providing a basis for technical communication.
Yield Strength Test
Yield strength refers to a test to find out the maximum stress of a material that will be used for a certain product. This test is conducted to find the elastic limit of a certain material without causing plastic deformation. This test is really necessary before it is converted to a product that will be used by the public. Thus, a manufacturer will only choose a material that has sufficient yield strength for their products.

Why TMT bars are essential in the construction of seismic resistant buildings?

Can we be better prepared for any future seismic events? Have we learnt anything from past tragedies?

The answer is Yes!

After the Latur earthquake, TMT steel bars were deemed compulsory for important construction projects across the country – especially in regions that were at high risk of seismic events.

This ruling came in effect because TMT bars are known to be highly earthquake resistant. The manufacturing process of TMT or Thermo Mechanically Treated bars ensures that the outer area is hardened while the inner core retains its ductility. This makes TMT bars strong as well as flexible.

When you use earthquake and corrosion-resistant TMT bars, you prove the buildings against significant damage during any seismic change. It is mandatory to use the TMT bars for construction purposes in India. Top TMT bar companies in Kolkata take utmost care in the processing and manufacturing of high-quality steel bars. They are made to absorb all shock while maintaining structural integrity.

TMT Iron Rods Price in West Bengal, India

Dytron TMT Bars are manufactured using the latest technology, making them one of the best in the market. These are majorly used for residential and commercial construction purposes. Various features of our TMT bar are:

Extra strength
Strong hold on concrete
Easy & stronger welding capacity with low carbon presence
Deterioration resistant
Uniform sizes and weight
Earthquake resistance
Fire resistance
Easy workability due to its elasticity

How to Find the Best TMT Bar Manufacturing Company

There are numerous TMT giants in India, one such leading brand is Dytron Steel, committed to providing you with the best quality TMT bars.

About Us – Dytron TMT

Dytron TMT is one of the leading TMT bar manufacturing companies in Kolkata. We produce TMT Bars with great strength, high flexibility and super weldability that are superior to other TMT Bars in the market.

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