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Telstra Telecommunication Services - Bus ICT Mobile Plan, Cloud Sservices

Business ICT Partners helps small and medium-sized business with business telecommunication solutions which is streamlined with managed IT support services to potentialize businesses with quality service.


Why a LAN Audit is Crucial for Your IT Infrastructure and How BUS ICT Can Help? By businessict

A LAN audit in simple terms is a comprehensive audit of your organisation’s IT Systems to ascertain its health, evaluate performance, analyse its needs and ensure it is functioning optimally. It provides actionable insights into network security, network control policies and checks its compliance with key data security regulations.

Are you NBN Ready ? By businessict

The NBN broadband network is an upgrade to existing telecommunications infrastructure through a range of new technologies, including fixed line. NBN will offer wholesale solutions that are designed to help service providers meet the varying requirements of businesses. These services offer a range of connectivity options. When the NBN broadband access network reaches your business, your landline phone and internet services will need to be switched over.

Things You Should Know Before Switching to a VoIP System

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is also called IP telephony. It uses a set of technologies to deliver voice communications over internet protocol (IP) networks such as the Internet. In other words, VoIP system is a technology that allows people to make voice calls over the Internet. WhatsApp, Facebook, and Skype calling feature are some ideal examples. To make a traditional voice call, you need a phone system connected to a cable line while VoIP only requires the Internet connection to connect people on calls. Voice is very cost-effective for all type of businesses because they have to pay only for the Internet usage.

Cloud Storage: A Boon for Healthcare Industry

One of the most popular technologies healthcare organizations have embraced recently is cloud computing. It is scalable, cost-efficient.
Healthcare industry deals with enormous data of patients daily. It contains their personal information, health reports, and medical history among other important things. Managing this huge data is a herculean task due to its diversity and privacy threats. This is why healthcare organizations have embraced cloud computing services.

Are You Prepared for Windows 7 End of life? By businessict

Microsoft has announced January 14, 2020, as the end date for extended support, also known as End of Life (EOL), for the Windows 7 operating system. In this blog, Business ICT can help you successfully migrate off of Windows 7.

Is Your Network Really Secure? Think Again! By businessict

IT continues to evolve, bringing with it, unprecedented change. End devices can access the network at a speed that most security teams and most advanced network security systems can’t keep up. As your organization accelerates, you need to stay ahead of more collaborative cybercriminals who have more resources at their disposal than ever. To achieve this outcome, every business needs to comprehend the key aspects of Network Security System.

How Business Mobile Plan are Inaugurating Momentous for Small Business

Phone systems and internet connection are on the verge to ring the change in a business, making their onshore strategies indispensable. Running along with the world and enhancing quality of communication would be nearly impossible without it. Business telecom services are potentially services small businesses in Australia, with 21st century composition of resources which can be proactively used in a business.

How Unified Communication Benefits Enterprises

unified communication system is a service led solution that caters to modern ways of working, by bring all your communications tool under one simple manageable platform, so that your business is able to develop faster and smarter operations.

Cloud Migration Become as Easy as Falling off a Log

Migrating your business communication to cloud has become as easier as ABC. The only prime fact why businesses are moving towards business cloud is that they are faster, cheaper, reliable with ease of access. Cloud services business telecommunication solutions helps you save your money with less downtime.

Managed IT Services – Empowering Small & Medium Businesses by Sree Swaminathan

The newest trend which has gained popularity in the business world is “managed IT services,” and most of us are still unaware of its strength. In the business world it is making revolutions. Let’s understand the concept of managed desktop services providers and how they are benefiting businesses.

Unified Communications Solutions Offering Simpler and Better Business Solutions

Technology, which plays a crucial role in businesses today has helped in maximizing efficiency. It has bought amazing efficiency in numerous business IT solutions operation and has streamlined numerous businesses processes.

How Mobile Device Management Works and What are its Benefits?

Mobile device management (MDM) is a term used to describe a system or solution used for managing mobile devices remotely. These mobile devices can be anything starting from a laptop computer, smart phone, and tablet computers to ruggedized mobile data collection devices.

Essential Things Businesses Must look in an IT Consulting Company before Choosing the Right one

Indeed, it’s fair to say that today there would be no business that would not benefit from implementing technological solutions into their business endeavors; whether it’s online advertising, website designing, using cloud solutions or using something entirely different. Regarding the services you are looking for, there are the few important things an IT consulting company should offer you.