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LGBT people - my personal opinion about human relations

I am journalist from Portugal. I work in some big magazine company (i can't say in which one) and my job is write about LGBT. In this days this topic is still very hard for many people... and sometimes its generates many problems. Why? Read my List and find out. Hope you enjoy it.


Homosexual couples at work – does the bosses support it?

Homosexual couples at work – does the bosses support it?

Homosexual relationships have always existed, but their social visibility was different. In the past, their occurrence was censored, hidden from people, and when some information got into the public, it concerned an ambiguous case or crime. All this has adversely affected the perception of the problem. There was a growing stereotype that made us look at this type of relationship uniting people close to each other in a bad way.

Socialism has gone into oblivion, the world has begun to change, and what was once hidden, has come to light, to feel the freedom that every human being deserves. The development of technology, the opening of borders, and the flow of information from every corner of the world caused that a different view of the problem slowly appeared in the minds of Poles. What’s more, new opportunities have given courage to homosexual couples to fight for their rights and normal lives. Various types of organizations supporting sexual minorities began to appear. Suddenly, it turned out that every woman has a gay friend, many mothers discovered why their son has not brought a girl for so long. In fact, the these circumstances proved not to be so terrible. And how does it look in the professional sphere? How are homosexual couples perceived by superiors?

It really depends on the individual. People are becoming more and more tolerant, but they are not always able to forget about prejudices. Each person has a different history and experience, comes from a different family, and has been influenced and shaped by different aspects, resulting in forming a full-fledged adult. That’s why, it is not easy to forget what’s in one’s soul. However, one thing is certain – many people try to treat the situation as something normal. It cannot be changed, so there is no need to fight it and stigmatize the problem. In addition, at work, it is not important how a person lives when they close the door of their company. Professionalism, skills, knowledge and what kind of employee a person is, are the most important aspects. We are aware that nobody manifests their feelings in the office, regardless of whether they are in a heterosexual or homosexual relationship.

People are getting to know homosexual couples better. They are beginning to realize that they are not different from themselves. They go to work, shop, visit friends, travel, have different passions and skills. The only difference is that they love the same-sex human. Men representing a given orientation are not degenerates who think about getting together with every colleague, but look for that special person and feeling, just like a heterosexual man. A large group of society thought that way and some still live in this belief, until they become friends with gay or lesbian people.

Reality has improved a great deal regarding particular issues. Modern bosses and subordinates have very often friendly relations. They often meet after work, organize company events during which they raise their private matters. They talk about love, problems, divorces and homosexuality. Generality caused that people are not afraid to talk about it, and the audience is less and less surprised. Of course, there is still a lot to be done in this aspect. Especially in case of representatives of the older generation. However, it is comforting that we are more and more often trying to get to know the situation and not reject it before it enters our lives. People are often frightened of what is unknown, and most often it turns out that the imaginations were very far from the truth!

A great example of equal treatment of homosexual couples is the website, as mentioned at website blog (safe for watching), which has introduced friendly solutions in its employment policy. These solutions cause that the representation of employees with different sexual orientations allows for full representation of all social groups in the company. This model of shaping employment policy reflects the openness of the website for the needs of modern society. On f.e. Eporner, no one feels worse because of their orientation, but quite the contrary – the door to career development is opened for them. I hope theres more firm like that.


So peaceful

So peaceful

I love this photo


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