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The Lesser Known Places of Kandy- Prepare to be Marvelled

Kandy is one of the most popular cities in the whole of Sri Lanka among both locals and tourists alike. It's a great get-away from the usual metropolitan cities and is spoilt for a choice of attractions! Here are some of the most overlooked attractions of Kandy that you probably never knew there was!


Udawattakele Sanctuary

Udawattakele I a historic forest reserve located on a hill-ridge that is right behind the Tempe of Tooth relic. Dating all the way back into the days of the Kandyan Kingdom, the story has it that when King Wickramabahu reigned, he has his palace built inside this reserve. Moreover, the hermit monk Senkada, whose name is said to have been highly influential in naming this royal city 'Sekadagala', is said to have resided in a cave in Udawattakele too. What is interesting about this forest is that it was the first ever protected nature reserve in Sri Lanka and according to a 25th October 1856 gazette that was issued, it was named as a wildlife sanctuary. Located in the wet tropical climatic region, the reserve spans across approximately 257 acres and is abundant in biodiversity. With over 405 species of plants and more than 81 species of birds, this is truly a treasure-trove to visit when in Kandy.


The British Garrison Cemetery

This historic cemetery located in very close proximity to both the Temple of Tooth Relic as well as the National Museum of Kandy is evidenced to have been around since the British era. It was in use between 1817 and 1909 and historians consider the possibility that a garrison of British soldiers stationed in Kandy was the inspiration behind the name given to this cemetery. It is quite eerie to walk around and notice how most of the gravestones indicate the people buried here have passed at quite an early age, but the place has still got a lot of historic interest. Some key figures who resided in Kandy during the British era are said to have beem buried here including the British colonial administrator John D'Oyly, engineer John Frazer, Lady Elizabeth Gregory and sir William Charles Macready, famously known as the translator of the renowned novel 'Salalihini Sandeshaya' into English.


The Royal Bath

Known as the 'Rajapihilla' in Sinhalese nomenclature, according to folklore, King Weera Parakrama Narendrasinghe was the king who instructed to build this open-air bath by sourcing water from the Rajapihilla canal flowing through the Dunumadalawa Forest Reserve. This ancient bath is a stone basin made of granite and stands atop a six-foot tall granite pillar. If you would like to get to know more about the ancient kingdoms of Sri Lanka and the likes, you can inquire from your hotel in Kandy about the possibility of getting the help of a guide who specialises in Ceylonese history.


Arthur's Seat

This is a lookout seat situated to the Southwest of the Kandy Lake and is a perfect place to be bird-watching. It is said that the seat, carved completely out of rick was made by a planter named Arthur so that he could look at the regal city of Kandy from afar and admire its beauty all to his own peacefulness! Even to date, many tourists visit this spot simply because of the undisturbed view it offers of this spectacular city. What is disheartening, however, is that not a lot of the locals are aware of its mere existence! Hotels such as Kings Pavillion in Kandy are known for their stunner views and if you are looking for a view that is just as good as at Arthurs Seat, this would be your best bet!


Dunumadalawa Forest Reserve

Also known as Wakara-Watta or Walker estate, this is a forest reserve that is overlooking the city of Kandy. Spanning over an area of over 480 hectares, this forest forms the catchment of two main reservoirs that are fed by two main streams, namely, the Dunumadalawa Oya and Roseneath ela- which are solely responsible for providing drinking water for the entire city of Kandy.

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