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Updated by Joanna James on Feb 19, 2020
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Ultimate Bali Packing List- The best Checklist you are going to find!

If the sense of a tropical and exotic getaway with out-of-the-world sceneries don't pop up in your head like sirens when we say Bali, we don't know if anything ever will give you that sensation! Since packing to destinations like this can oftentimes be challenging, here is our checklist to help!


A Neck Wallet

Bali is no exceptionally dangerous area – but understandably so, there are small scale petty thefts and bag-snatching that occurs on and off and hence its best practice to be prepared and protect yourself form it. Using a neck wallet to hold all your valuable is a great way to work around the risk of getting pickpocketed in crowded places. It easily conceals your cash, credit cards, phone, passport and other important travel documents so you will be safe! Not only as a safety measure, but it is also a great way to organize all your important possessions for your journey.


Waterproof Phone Case and Bags

Bali is one place in the world where you can never run out of some adventure to engage in. Needless to say, you will most often carry your mobile devices along too for all such excursions. Climbing, sliding crawling and possibly even getting in the water, you are going to want to make sure your phone is protected. This is why you need to carry along a waterproof phone case. You don't need to fret anymore to take those stunning underwater time lapses and pictures. Wet bags that are also waterproof are a must too considering you wouldn't want to be wearing your wet swimwear all the way from the beach up to your luxury hotel in Seminyak Bali. If you happen to be staying at a hotel like Katamama Suites at Desa Potato Head, and don't have any wet bags or phone cases, simply ask the staff for any help you may need and surely, they will be more than delighted to help!



With stretches of pristine beaches as well as some world-class hotels and their extensive water arenas, packing a couple or more pairs of swim wear is recommended on any given day! We won't guarantee much, but what we can say for sure is that you are going to want to spend a lot of time at the beach soaking in the sun and the scene! So, reach across to your wardrobe and get the most vibrant looking pieces you have got and bring them over – surely you will have some terrific images to relish the Bali trip by!


Sun cream

When visiting the tropics like Bali, sun cream is essential to make sure you don't end up sun burnt on what is meant to be your hassle-free getaway. The type of sun screen completely varied with the type of skin, but our recommendation is that you stick to a cream with at least 50 SPF and maybe consider switching to one of around 30 SPF in 5-6 days.


A Bali Power Adapter

Bali mostly uses the 230v/50Hz plugs with round pins, like most of continental Europe. We would recommend that you bring along a universal adapter so you can use it almost anywhere you travel overseas. That way, you can constantly ensure that your devices are fully-charged and ready to be on the move always! Also, word to the wise, since in Southeast Asian countries, power surges are a common occurrence, you may want to bring some additional fuses as well in case one blows.