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The most amazing weird foods that will surely leave you gaping!

This list of weird foods is the most interesting one that you will ever see! Click to find out what weird pancakes they ate in the 16th century! Or perhaps you'd better find out about the top ten weirdest foods from France?


Weird Foods From Different Eras - Weird Foodies!

This was a time when happiness was a rare thing to find, and they were probably just trying to have a light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s just be glad that it didn’t stick

Weird Spanish Foods and Desserts - Weird Foodies!

This little chocolate lovely treat was made in Zaragoza 1987 by the Spanish company named lacasa. This treat consists in a peanut covered with some milk brown chocolate or white chocolate with pictures covering them.

Weirdest food from North and South America - Weird Foodies!

called Caldo de Cardan, this soup contains bull penis and testicles. while the broth is flavourful with herbs and spices the actual “meat” can be a bit too chewy. The meal is like an inexpensive all-purpose medication, helping to aid fatigue, anemia, and hangovers. so in conclusion, although it is chewy and strange to think about it can cure those Friday hangovers.

Top Weird and strange Astronaut Foods - Weird Foodies!

Number 1. Peanut butter tortilla lolly pop. Tortilla is a popular option in Space as it does not crumble like bread and it is easy to eat. Tortilla wraps are filled with peanut butter and then a butter knife is stuck into it.

9 Weird Everyday Items People Have Actually Eaten - Weird Foodies!

Some of the weirdest everyday foods people have eaten some have won money and others have been stopped by security! Read to find out more.

Weird foods that appeared in 2018: - Weird Foodies!

This delightful dish that appeared in 2018 is, in fact, ramen, only the beer is non-alcoholic, consisting of egg whites and gelatin.

Weirdest Alien-looking Fish in Japan - Weird Foodies!

Warasubo. These strange-looking fish are found in the mudflats of Japan’s Ariake Sea. There are two main ways to eat warasubo in japan.

Top 10 Foods That Might Kill YOU! - Weird Foodies!

Number 1 Cassava (Africa and South America). Cassava is a root vegetable with a similar shape to sweet potato. If eaten raw Cassava contains a poisonous toxin called linamarin which turns into Cyanide.

Weird Food from France! - Weird Foodies!

Would you consider eating snails? In France, it’s actually very common to eat snails! people say the best place to eat escargots is L’Escargot, at 38 rue Montorgueil in Paris in Paris second district. This restaurant was founded in 1832 and been serving snails since then!

The Weirdest Drinks from Around the World! - Weird Foodies!

Horse milk is the basis of an alcoholic drink called kumis, beloved in countries like Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. The milk is not usually consumed in its pure form because it is a strong laxative. 

Food Eaten ALIVE!! - Weird Foodies!

In an interview, famous chef Raymond Blanc remembers visiting Japan and eating a plate of live baby eels at a local buffey. “We were advised to add vinegar and sake (a japanese rice beer) — which made them jump around — then you swallowed them whole,” he says. “They jiggled around in my tummy!”

Weird canned food - Weird Foodies!

Yes! It’s true! This insane product does exist! You shouldn’t pinch yourself because sadly this ain’t a nightmare. So if you can’t be bothered to go all the way to the kitchen to cook a Thanksgiving turkey, this is your chance to save yourself some time.

Top 6 Weird And Strange Foods From China - Weird Foodies!

Number 1. Bird Nest Soup. Bird nest soup is known as “The caviar of the east” and it is extremely expensive. One bowl of soup can cost from $30 to $100. The reason for this is because of how much work it takes to clean the nest so it is safe for consumption. People need to use tools to take out the bits of feathers in the nest. What’s left after that is a small hard shell which is made almost entirely out of bird saliva.

Top 5 Most Dangerous Sea Food. - Weird Foodies!

Although easy to prepare, this baby octopus’ severed legs served still moving can cause suffocation as the legs cling to your throat and block airways. In some more rare cases, the legs have climbed back up and out of the mouth. Over 15 people die yearly from this and more than 25 people require serious treatment.

Strange and Weird Desserts - Weird Foodies!

Stretchy ice cream is a really weird New York dessert that consists of a milk cream matrix and two really rare ingredients.