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Tips for a family beach vacation – getting the most out of your time by the coast

Wracking your brain over trying to schedule that all-important beach holiday with the kids? Then look no further than these valuable points provided below that are sure to ease any uneasy feeling.



Perhaps the deciding factor as to how well your beach holiday will turn out to be. Accommodation and opting for the best available option that ticks all boxes is indeed a top priority. One that is family-friendly and has plenty of facilities to delight in and is also within close proximity to the beach would be ideal.


Obtain the services of the concierge

This would apply if you are travelling to a new destination whose attractions and places of interest would not be very familiar to you. This is where the concierge of the hotel or resort that you are at can come to your aid. Such services would generally involve pinpointing travellers like you and your family towards areas that would be of interest to you. With respect to the beach, you will be told as to when is the best time to head over, the basics that you will need to carry with you if going swimming and a quick run-through of your average safety precautions.


Have a rough schedule in mind

Initially, knowing where you want to go will help in deciding on what type of schedule would be to your and your family’s benefit. Especially, if young children are involved, then you will have to make allowance for them and perhaps, have a rough outline of what you will be doing. Read up on the destination well in advance so that you know what to expect. Weather patterns can play havoc with your holiday and the last thing you need is a grumpy or disgruntled family. If for example, you are heading over to Sri Lanka, then its coastlines will appear as the perfect playground for the beachgoer in you. Assuming it is the town of Kalutara and if you want access to some of the beautiful places in Kalutara, then do take note of the content provided by good travel sites such as Travel Kalutara on how to best to experience idyllic locales of such nature. Further, it would certainly help by sharing pictures of your next beach adventure with your kids so that they would invariably look forward to enjoying quality time with you.


Pack lightly

Remind yourself that the best motto for a beach holiday is to travel light. Heavy luggage is a definite ‘no-no’, though you may have to compromise on this if you have a large family. Look at the essentials which would revolve around having plenty of swimwear and appropriate gear. A beach umbrella will be good coupled with sunscreen, sunglasses and a book if this is to your fancy. Shorts, t-shirts and flip flops are the order of the day when at the beach any clothing items that may appear uncomfortable ought to be left behind.



The prospect of renting a vehicle can be considered in the event you do not wish to drive. Should you be travelling to a foreign country then do consult your choice of accommodation on how best to avail such services. Planning ahead of time will ensure that your travels will be as smooth as possible and devoid of any last-minute rushing about which can be a major hindrance to you maximizing your time with those who matter to you the most.

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