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10 Interesting facts about Esplanade Singapore – To enhance your understanding of a most interesting feature

Depicting the shape of a durian, The Esplanade is one of the most famous attractions in Singapore, and therefore, a must-see; It is an architectural marvel as well as a haven of art.


Not really a durian

Despite the fact that it looks like durian, it is not really built in the shape of the pungent-smelling fruit. The designers of the structure were inspired by the Sydney Opera House and wanted to give it a similar appearance, but it ended up resembling a durian.


The spikes are not just aesthetics

They are inarguably aesthetically pleasing, but they serve a different purpose altogether. The spikes are built in order to keep the heat out while letting daylight stream into the building.


The Name

Its namesake is the nearby attraction the Esplanade Park, established in 1943, it is one of the oldest heritage parks found in Singapore.


The Stay Club

The site was occupied by The Stay Club, which served the most delicious satay at the time; it used to be an open-hawker style restaurant. It is no longer there, but its successor, Satay by the Bay, offers equally delicious satays.


A lantern in the park

The project initially had a different purpose; the current structure isn't what was initially planned. The original idea was to erect a lantern in the middle of the park. But new features were added to the original design, and so it evolved resulting in the spectacular, modern structure you see today.


Struggle to clean

People who undertake the cleaning job has to exert their mental and physical capacity in order to clean the Esplanade. Each spike requires individual attention. It is an extremely hazardous job that requires ropes, harnesses and safety lines. What's more, it takes nearly two months for the job to be finished.


Not everybody liked it

The locals didn't take to the idea when it was originally presented in 1994. They had several reasons, and they didn't think that it would look pleasing to the eye. Some argued that it was bad Fengshui, and some were concerned about the effect it would have on the climate. All these concerns had to be taken into account before the work started, and the concerns were addressed in the subsequent design.


What prompted the idea

Singapore has long had the dream of becoming the cultural capital in Asia, and they are no doubt getting there. The largest performance hall the country had at the time was the Victoria Theatre which didn't do for the country's ambitions; it was only suitable for small-scale performances. So, a plan to build a bigger performance hall was brought forward, which became consensual after much struggle. The country achieved its goal by creating a space that can entertain a massive number of people on a single occasion; the concert hall can accommodate 1,600 while the theatre has the capacity for 2,000 people.


A festival hub

Singapore rejoices in its achievement of claiming a performance hall of which the reputation is far-reaching. It is now a hub for shopping, entertainment and dining, not to mention the fact that it has given rise to the likes of Park Hotel Clarke Quay – a suggestion for those on the lookout for a hotel near Clarke Quay MRT Singapore. In addition to hosting small-scale events, the site plays host to major festivals like Baybeats and Chinese Festival of Arts.


Third series 5 cents coin

The Esplanade is one of the most prominent structures in the country, and so it is given the esteem it warrants. In 2013, the Monetary Authority of Singapore decided to issue a coin that pays tribute to the Esplanade. So, they issued the third series 5 cents coin which has the depiction of the Esplanade.