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Updated by Naik Durvesh on Feb 18, 2020
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Top Sticker Apps For WhatsApp Android

In this list, I shared my top WhatsApp sticker apps for android. These apps are free to use and you will have a fun time sharing it with your friends. Let me know what is your favorite app.

Latest funny stickers for Whatsapp (WAStickerApps) - Apps on Google Play

Welcome to "Latest funny stickers for whatsapp" app, where you will find over 500 super funny meme stickers on various categories. If you love humor and memes then this app is for you. Bring a smile to your friends & family using this WAStricker app.


30+ Sticker sets with more than 500 stickers
This app has lots of sticker sets to choose from. Scroll through the list and find the sticker that makes you happy.

Easy to use
The app is easy to use with a fresh design.

Works offline
You can add funny meme stickers to your whatsapp in offline as well. So if your internet is down then also you can enjoy the app.

Truly funnier stickers
"Latest funny stickers for WhatsApp" has real funnier stickers that will bring smile to face.

All the stickers have been optimized for speed, size, and performance.

Note: I am using these funny stickers in the app with the full permission from the Telegram app. So you can say that these are telegram funny stickers for whatsapp

How to use the Latest Funnel Stickers For WhatsApp?
Step 1: Download & Install the app
Step 2: Open the app and surf stickers
Step 3: Press "+" button or "Add To Whatsapp" button to add stickers to your whatsapp
Step 4: Hurray! Enjoy the stickers.

Show your positive fun attitude to your friends & family by sharing funny stickers with them using Latest funny stickers for WhatsApp app

Love couple stickers for Whatsapp (WAStickerapps) - Apps on Google Play

If you are anything like me then you are in love or wanna impress someone with cute love stickers but falling short of cute love sticker apps. Congratulations you are in right place. "Love couple stickers for Whatsapp" app is for you. Using the app you can send some cool love couple stickers to your beloved ones and create happy moments with them. These sticker packs would instantly bring a smile to her or his face.


Easy To Use:
This love stickers for whatsapp app has easy to use functionality with one tap add to whatsapp option.

Over 150+ Stickers:
It has over 150 Stickers for kiss, romantic, love etc topics. You will never feel short of stickers with this app.

Handcrafted Stickers:
We have made sure that all the love couple stickers have been hand crafted and are visually appealing so that you will have a good time sending it to your loved ones.

10+ Hot love collection stickers pack
This app has over 10 hot love collection stickers pack to select from and you would love
every sticker from the pack.

Note: I am using these stickers in the app with the full permission from the Telegram app. So you can say that these are telegram love stickers for whatsapp

How To Add Stickers To Your Whatsapp?
Step 1: Install and open the app
Step 2: Select the cute love stickers pack
Step 3: Press on "Add To Whatsapp"
Step 4: Done, enjoy the stickers on your whatsapp

Available love sticker packs
1. Love sticker packs
2. Romantic sticker packs
3. Kiss sticker packs
4. And much more

Have fun chatting and loving your loved ones with beautiful love stickers.

New Stickers For WhatsApp - WAStickerapps Free - Apps on Google Play

A different way to prompt your feelings via the best stickers for WhatsApp. Send tremendous men stickers, Meep stiskers, Love Fever new stickers, meep Stickers & like the sticker to your family and friends using new WAStickerapps. New Stickers app is a large collection of emoji HD stickers. Now shock your friends using ultimate stickers pack. WAStickerapps sharing stickers are now accessible! What are you waiting for? Stickers for WhatsApp New contains all varieties of stisker cartoon stickers tidy in altered types. We carry you the best application with which you can share emoji stickers packs with your lovers. In New Stickers for WAStickerapps funny texts further beneath the stickers for an extra touch of hilarity.

We suggestion stickers for a chat so you can pick the one you resembling greatest. Give or take Thanks Stickers, pets, Dog Stickers, Girls Stickers, emoticon stickers, Love emoji stickers, Homer Simpson stickers, Kolobanga, Pepe, Doctor stickers, Police Stickers, Spongebob Stickers, Lovers Sticker, Likes & Emoji Stickers, Dog Stickers, stickers of world-famous personalities, Meme stickers, and much more. What are you waiting for?

New Stickers For WhatsApp - WAStickerapps New is cool to stake on the social network. Emotion emotive couple chat stickers and more than 200 exclusive and lovely chilly meme emoji and free stickers. Funny bigmoji Stickers have lastly attained by WAStickerApps Feature! Everybody is tired of distribution funny memes images/pictures but now WAStickerApps lets you prompt automatically and your beautiful spirits in the right directions with altered dank memes Stickers. Stickers pack WASticker have high-quality incredible stickers that you can stake with a lovely friend. Download Free Sticker and no need to get stickers, Nuevos, emoji stickers, icons, Indian stickers, 3dsticker and meme stickers. Easy to add Jiffmoji, HD emoji, stisker & Bigmoji in the social media business.

Stay tuned for new stickers with 9D Technologies-

Guidance To Add WAStickersApp in your App
● Install and open the app
● Find your beloveds stickers pack
● Easy to click on the add button ➕
● Hurray!! Your stickers have been added to chat ✅

Features of New Stickers For WhatsApp - WAStickerapps Free

● Best collection of emojis and free stickers available anywhere.
● Most pretty variety of emoticons to add.
● Absorbing the quality of gifted day stickers.
● An exclusive collection of love stickers.
● Splendid chat stickers to describe your love
● Beautiful and awesome couple chat stickers
● Absolutely Free download sticker app and add in your social media app

WAStickerApps Love❤️Love Sticker and amor stickers - Apps on Google Play

❤️ Love stickers tell more than words!!
Download the new WAStickerApps of the best love sticker 2020 and amor stickers WAStickerApps love 2020 and express your love through bunch of love STICKERS!!

Download love sticker WAStickerApps and enjoy the best stickers packs of the new WAStickerApps amor.
Use stickers for WAStickerApps and add love stickers, amor Stickers, romantic stickers, heart stickers and I Love You stickers to your chat.
Also Download WAStickerApps love stickers and share romantic smileys, love smileys and amor stickers with your love.

WAStickerApps love sticker is your personal love stickers chat in your daily conversations powering you with large and carefully chosen love stickers and romantic stickers collections for WAStickerApps including Love and relationship stickers, love and lovers stickers, amor stickers and couples stickers.

Use this free WAStickerApps love stickers app and add new stickers packs of cute love stickers, love stickers emoji to send funny stickers to your love. Also, use kiss stickers, good morning love stickers and good night love stickers to greet your lover!

In addition to all these WAStickerApps love stickers, we offer to you a lovely choice of WAStickerApps flowers stickers and WAStickerApps roses stickers to share with your lover like romantic red flowers, joyful flowers bouquet, pure white flowers and beautiful roses.

Before using the WAStickerApps love stickers app, please update your what to the latest version so you are sure the whatz will support the stickers collections of WAStickerApps romantic stickers.
This is a third-party application and is not associated with Whatz Inc. in any way.

How it works?
Download and open WAStickerApps romantic stickers
Confirm your action
Open Whatz and go to a chat
Tap on the Emoji icon
You will see a new sticker icon at the bottom and can now use this love sticker pack and express your love !!

Providing you a useful WAStickerApps combined to a great user experience is our main concern. So please feel free to contact us for any suggestions or concerns at We will be here for you!

💚 WeLove : love stickers (WAStickerApps) - Apps on Google Play

💚 WeLove presents native stickers for chatting in WhatsApp (WAStickerApps).

We selected the best of our love stickers. They are all absolutely free and in high resolution (HD).

Enjoy right now this romantic sticker app !

Our stickers celebrate all the types of love; passionate love, casual love, romantic love, funny love, maternal love, family love ....

So, 💚 WeLove contains 300 love stickers in 10 categories:
1-❤ Hearts
2-😘 Smileys emoji
3-💋 Mouth
4-👫 Cute couples
5-🌹 Flowers & Gifts for all Happy Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day,…
6-🐻 Cute animals
7-🏠 Family & wedding
8-💏 Kissing couples
9-💬 Love talks 1
10-💬 Love talks 2

All our love stickers have a great sticker style, fitting nicely on all custom WhatsApp backgrounds.

We’ll update regularly and add new categories soon

How it works?

Add stickers to WhatsApp (WAStickerApps)
★ Open the category you want to add. Tap on “Add to WhatsApp”.
★ Open WhatsApp, tap the smiley icon 😀
★ Tap the stickers icon 🗒 at the bottom.
★ You new sticker category will appear in the list with a small green dot indicating that it is new.
---> Now, you can enjoy and send your new stickers to your WhatsApp friends 👏

Add to / remove from favorites in WhatsApp (WAStickerApps)
★ You can add a sticker to your favorites by long pressing on a sticker
★ You can remove a sticker from your favorites by opening the favorites category and long pressing on the sticker

Share stickers with your WhatsApp friends

  • Your friends do not need the app to see your stickers, but we will be happy if you share our app with our friends! 😉
  • Your friends can open the app by long pressing on a sticker on their WhatsApp
  • You can share the app link in the app via the “Share” menu

Remove stickers from WhatsApp (WAStickerApps)

  • Open WhatsApp, tap the smiley 😀icon close to the keyboard, then tap the ✚ icon at the end of the sticker categories tab.
  • Tap “My Stickers” tab and remove categories you don’t want anymore. Don’t worry you can add it again later.

My stickers disappeared from WhatsApp (WAStickerApps)
It can be caused by your phone manufacturer that tries to optimize your battery.
To avoid that you can try this solution, go in your device Settings / Battery / 💚 WeLove Stickers and select "Don't optimise" (or equivalent as it depends on the device/manufacturer)

💌 Contact us

🏃🏃 Follow us

♡☮ App made with love & fun ☮♡

Fan Made Friends TV Show Stickers For WhatsApp - Apps on Google Play

So you are looking for Friends stickers for whatsapp, and you landed on this app. Congratulations. "Fan Made Friends TV Show Stickers For Whatsapp" is an application designed by a Friends TV show lover for the show lovers.

This application has 100s of Friends TV show stickers that you can share with your friends and flaunt over it.

The stickers will also remind you of your favorite moments from the TV show, and it contains all the actor stickers.


  1. Over 100 stickers pack
  2. HD Versions
  3. Funny friends memes
  4. Completely free stickers
  5. 1 tap install on WhatsApp.

Thanks for reading the description if you have any questions or want to submit any queries then feel free to use the email id below.

I hope you will love my app Friends TV Show Stickers For WhatsApp.