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Updated by Best International Residential Schools on Feb 17, 2020
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Best International Residential Schools

ICON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL - CBSE Residential Schools in Karnataka, provides a nurturing environment committed to achieving excellence.The school is one of the finest centers of learning in India. It is a co-educational and also residential school.

Top 6 Reasons Why Sports is Important in a Student's Life | Icon International Residential School

Sports are an essential part of a student's development and growth. They help in the advancement of psychological well-being and physical wellness of the body. By participating in sports and games, a student can increase different abilities, experience and confidence that are useful for building up their character.

Right Balance Between Fun and Learning | Classroom Techniques to Make Learning Fun | Balance Between Fun and Study | ...

Finding the right balance between fun and learning is a significant element in the current education system. At Icon International Residential School, we always design our curricular and extracurricular activities in such a way that manages to cover & develop all the essential skilIs needed for a growing child in both their academics and other activities.

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The technology industry has advanced exponentially in the past couple of decades and has been adding tools to assist teachers to teach students in the most effective way. Here are some of the Latest educational technologies used at Icon for the overall academic development of the students.

Boarding School Myths and True Facts | Icon International Residential School

When you expose your child to thorough training, serious sports, and unparalleled opportunity at a boarding school, it gives your kid more opportunity to plan for their future. However, there are several myths parents have with regard to admitting their kids at a boarding school. Let’s have a look at some of these myths that parents have

Tips to help in preparing your kids for boarding school | Icon International Residential School

The responsibility of preparing your kid for boarding school is an overwhelming step yet a critical one. This preparation can take years or just months. Here are some tips to help in preparing your kids for boarding school.

Benefits – Reason to Choose an International Boarding School | Boarding Schools in Karnataka | Right Boarding School ...

At Icon International Residential School in Mysore, we have the most state of the art and comfortable boarding facility for the students meeting the needs of both parents and students and to ensure that children are able to adapt easily in our boarding environment. Read this blog to know more about the benefits of boarding school in Karnataka

How safe are International Residential Schools for your children - Icon international residential school

When choosing the residential schools around Bangalore, safety has to be one of the main determining factors for any parent. Overview the blog to find out more information.