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What To Pack For Qatar – Modern Desert Oasis!

Qatar is one of the worlds top holiday destinations. The capital Doha is a chic hub for world class entertainment. And while this Middle Eastern hub is still a desert land, your packing list for Doha must vary. Read on for tips on what to pack for Qatar!


Packing For A Trip To A Muslim Nation

Qatar is a Muslim nation, and all tourists travelling to such countries make it a point to pack conservative clothes. However, laws are very liberal in Qatar which has progressed by leaps and bounds to evolve into a stylish and modern holiday hub. Hence, you may dress as you please. However as is the rule when visiting a foreign nation, one must ethically respect the customs and cultures there. Therefore, choosing to dress modestly at your own discretion will earn you loads of respect. There are plenty of 5 star hotels in Doha where modern tourists can dress as they please without offending anyone. Popular options such as Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels by Tivoli cater to the contemporary traveller.


The Best Clothing To Pack For Women

When you are out exploring the best things to do in Doha, Qatar, its best to dress modestly. Women can wear both pants and skirts, just make sure your legs are covered. Reserve the shorts and minis for your hotel in Doha. Tops with sleeves are best. Take along a shawl and loose shirt to throw over in case you suddenly plan to visit a religious site. Entering places of worship require your head, legs and shoulders to be covered. Take along the bikini for times you plan to lounge around the pool of your Souq Waqif hotel.


Clothing To Pack For Men

Take along pants which cover your knees. Men can wear t-shirts with short sleeves. When entering a mosque make sure to wear jeans or long trousers. Shorts can be worn in your Doha resort.


Packing For Specific Seasons In Qatar

The rainy season in Qatar takes place during winter. As such you must take along a good waterproof jacket. Keep in mind the nights can get quite chilly at this time. Temperatures drop to around 59F degrees at night when it's fall or spring and even lower during winter. Take along appropriate clothing to stay warm.


Other Essential Items To Pack For Your Trip To Qatar

Temperatures during the day can become very hot, plus the sun is very strong. Take along plenty of your favourite sunscreen. A good pair of shades too will be essential to keep your eyes guarded against the glare. In addition, a pair of sunglasses are the perfect cover for when sudden sandstorms occur. March to August are when sandstorms commonly take place. Take along a metal water bottle to keep your drink cool and stay hydrated. The power in Qatar is 220V, hence, you may need to take along a power adapter for using some of your electrical equipment not conforming to this voltage.

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