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Top Things to Do in Maldives – Exciting Diversions in a Magical Setting

The idyllic Maldives is considered to be one of the world's most beautiful holiday destinations. You will also find many things to do here, like diving, jet skiing, banana boating, island hopping, windsurfing, taking a scenic flight and more!



To truly appreciate the magical undersea environment of the Maldives you should take the opportunity to go scuba diving in the island waters. In fact, the Maldives is considered to be one of the finest scuba diving destinations on the globe. Here you will find that the seas are clear and inviting; the waters are also pleasantly warm, so that you may not even need to don a wetsuit. As you might expect, you will have the opportunity to encounter many fascinating sea creatures in the Maldives, including whale sharks, sea turtles and stingrays.


Jet Skiing

Jet skiing will be a great choice in the Maldives, as the islands offer splendid conditions for this exhilarating water sport. What could be finer than surging through the shimmering waters on your responsive watercraft with the gleaming sun overhead and the refreshing sea breezes all around you? Since the art of piloting a jet ski is not that difficult to learn, this water activity will be accessible to many visitors to the Maldives. Soon you will be impressing your partner or friends as you take stylish turns and twists on your jet ski.


Banana Boating

Banana boating is a delightful and exciting water activity that many holidaymakers will have the opportunity to enjoy in the Maldives. Banana boating will not require any particular skills, as riders only have to fasten their lifejacket, seat themselves comfortably and hang on. The driver of the boat towing the banana boat will take unexpected twists and turns as the riders do their best to stay astride the craft. Needless to say, this will be a hilarious and exciting experience that is sure to appeal to the adventurous visitor.


Island Hopping

Since the Maldives is made up of an archipelago of little islands scattered across the Indian Ocean, visitors will have the chance to go island hopping during their stay in the islands. If you desire to spend intimate moments with your partner you will be able to visit a secluded island where you can spend some quality leisure time with your loved one. You will also have the chance to visit some of the inhabited islands where the communities of the native Maldivians make their home and thereby gain an understanding of the local culture.



Windsurfing is a unique and well-established water sport that many enthusiasts around the world engage in. You will see that the conditions in the Maldives are favourable for this water sport, with pleasant waters, steady winds and idyllic scenery. Although it is may not necessarily be the easiest water activity to learn, it will provide many hours of satisfaction. An accommodation choice to consider from where you will be able to engage in windsurfing would be Velassaru Maldives which offers pleasingly located villas in the Maldives as well.


Taking a Scenic Flight

Taking a breathtaking scenic flight over the Maldives is likely to be an unforgettable experience that you will treasure as a vivid memory of your visit to these islands. By taking one of these flights you will be able to experience a bird's eye view over the islands that will enable you to truly appreciate their stunning beauty. You will notice that the water seems to take different colours as you observe them from your aircraft. The small islands will appear entrancing, seemingly forming a pattern as you pass over them.

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