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10 unknown facts about Politic-Ed

Politic-Ed is a political news, analysis and opinion site. Few things are known other than what it states on its about page, but this will change!


Naming origins

The name "Politic-Ed" is the combination of two words- Politics and education. This is due to the site's main goal being to educate the world on politics and education!


Editor in Chief

Politic-Ed's Editor in Chief is the world-renowned political analyst and lobbyist Matthew Booten, who joined Politic-Ed as their Editor in Chief in 2019!


Unashamedly conservative

Most political news sites like to hide their bias, sometimes, they will just not say what it is, other times, they will say that they are 'neutral'. But Politic-Ed has no problem telling its readers that they are a conservative site, with a conservative slant.


Pro-Trump, but with a twist

Each POTUS is a politically divisive person. Some love him, whilst others hate him. This is no different for Trump.

Politic-Ed, being a conservative site an all, has a special slant in Trump's favor. However, they have been known to criticize his handling of certain policies and his forays on Twitter!


Free to use and free to understand

Politic-Ed's main goal is to help you understand the complicated world of politics. Due to this, you don't need to pay for 'premium' access to their content, nor do you need to pay anything really.

You will also find that they will never use complicated terms to describe something, and if they do, they probably have an article explaining it, that you can read too! So, for instance, if they talk about lobbying, they will probably link to their article "What is lobbying?"


British yet American English

Due to the fact that the site wants to be understood by everyone on the entire planet if it can be, Politic-Ed writes in American English, despite the fact that it is owned by a British media company.

The site writes in American English due to the fact that most British English speakers don't worry about seeing American English spellings and everyone else who speaks English learns American English!


They love CANZUK

CANZUK is a political union between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Most people are skeptical of how it will work, but not Politic-Ed.

Politic-Ed is happy to talk about the benefits a CANZUK union would have on everybody. Whether they are British, American, Canadian, Australian or Kiwi. (Kiwi as in New Zealander and yes, Americas too would benefit from it too!)


They're the proverbial "new kid" on the block

From all this, you would probably assume that Politic-Ed were one of the first political blogs on the internet, to which you'd be wrong. The site isn't even a year old!

The site was founded in June 2019!



Politic-Ed is the political news/analysis/opinion sector of RCMG, a British digital media company whose aim is to supply the world with its media!


Advocate of Citizen Journalism

Citizen Journalism is where a regular citizen (such as you or I) is able to write a single article (or string of articles if needs be) for an established news site.

Politic-Ed is one of these such sites, who allow anyone to write about anything!