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Castles in Germany

A list of some castles in Germany that are definitely worth a visit.


Linderhof Castle in Bavaria, Germany - Monkeys and Mountains Travel Blog

Linderhof Castle, or palace as it is officially known, is the only castle that eccentric King Ludwig II finished before he died a mysterious death.

Lichtenstein Castle: 7 Interesting Things - Monkeys and Mountains

· by · Chances are that unless you live in Germany, you haven't heard of Lichtenstein Castle (or Schloss Lichtenstein in German). It's not nearly as famous as Heidelberg Castle or the Residenz in Munich, but don't mistake its relative obscurity for uninteresting.

Schloss Ludwigsburg: My Favorite Castle Tour in Germany | Travel Blog

· by · Schloss Ludwigsburg (Ludwigsburg Palace) is my favorite castle tour in Germany! The 90 minute tour gives you insights into what life in a castle was really like, and how royalty behaved behind closed doors. Even my German husband enjoyed the castle tour and he's not a fan of castle tours in general.

Photo Journey to Heidelberg Castle - Monkeys and Mountains

· by · Heidelberg Castle is one of Germany's most famous castles, along with the Munich Residenz and Hohenzollern Castle. It's nestled on top of a hill overlooking Heidelberg. Not surprisingly in the summer it is packed with tourists.

Hohenzollern Castle - Monkeys and Mountains | Adventure Travel Blog

· by · Hohenzollern Castle was the second castle I ever visited in Germany - talk about getting spoiled! It set a high precedent for all future castles that I would visit: Schloss Ludwigsburg, Heidelberg Castle, Munich Residenz and Schloss Lichtenstein just to name a few.

Photo Journey to the Munich Residenz - Monkeys and Mountains

· by · The Munich Residenz is one of the largest and most opulent palaces in Europe and served as the main palace and house of government for Bavarian rulers for 400 years dating back to 1508.

My Favorite Castle Ruins in Germany - Monkeys and Mountains

· by · I have explored quite a few castle ruins in Germany. While I always enjoy visiting them, I recently visited some castle ruins that took my breath away. The Baden-Baden Castle Ruins quickly became my favorite castles ruins in Germany. This is a bold statement considering there are ~25,000 castles/castle ruins in Germany.

Castle Ruins in Stuttgart - Monkeys and Mountains | Travel Blog

· by · I woke up on Sunday morning and decided I wanted to visit a castle. Fortunately living in Germany, there's no shortage of castles and it's not that difficult to turn this thought into a reality.

Hiking in the Black Forest - Monkeys and Mountains | Travel Blog

· by · I absolutely love hiking in the Black Forest! I get excited every time I see the Black Forest getting closer and closer. This past weekend it was my turn to choose a hike. When I told J.P.

Castles on the Mosel River

The Mosel River... also known as the Moselle River... is lined with small towns and fabulous Castles. This beautiful River is a tributary of the Rhine River, running from the Lorraine Region of France, along the border of Luxembourg, and then into Germany, meeting the Rhine at Koblenz.