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Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Maldives – A Mesmerising Tropical Nation

The beautiful Maldives is ranked amongst the finest holiday destinations on the globe. There are many reasons why you should visit these islands, such as the lovely beaches, water sports opportunities, the chance to swim with sharks, and more.


To relax on the lovely beaches

Undoubtedly one of the Maldives' best-known features is its splendid beaches. You will find that the beaches of the Maldives are pristine, devoid of litter and beautifully picturesque. On these beaches, you will have the opportunity to spend quality leisure time with your loved one whilst admiring the sight of the shimmering waters of the Indian Ocean extending to the horizon. You will experience mornings that are filled with gentle sunlight and the magical period of dusk when the sky transforms into a spectacular sight of orange, red and purple hues.


To engage in water sports

In the Maldives, you will have the chance to engage in a wide variety of water sports, so that you can enjoy the water activity of your choice. Adventure seekers will be able to indulge in action-filled water sports like waterskiing, jet skiing and windsurfing. On the other hand, those who prefer a more sedate water sports experience may try out activities like canoeing and kayaking. Meanwhile, surfers will be in their element in the Maldives as they will encounter favourable conditions for this sport.


To swim with sharks

If you would like to observe sharks at close range, the waters of the Maldives will provide you with the opportunity to do so. In the Maldives, you will find magnificent and huge whale sharks as well as smaller reef sharks that lurk peacefully amongst the atolls and lagoons. You may even have the chance to observe sharks as they arrive regularly to the locations where they feed. Swimming with sharks is likely to be an unforgettable experience that you will treasure as a memory of your stay in the Maldives.


To go diving

In order to truly experience the underwater treasures of the Maldives, you must go diving in the island waters. Here you will find a mesmerising undersea environment with lovely coral reefs and a breathtaking selection of marine creatures. You are likely to find that the fish amongst the reefs are easy to photograph with a water-resistant camera. An accommodation choice to consider from where you will be able to go diving would be Faarufushi Maldives which may be regarded as a pleasingly located Maldives spa resort as well; what better way to end a day of diving adventures than by getting a rejuvenating massage!


To experience the local culture

You will find that the native Maldivians have a unique and interesting culture. Visitors to the Maldives will have the chance to visit local communities and gain a first-hand understanding of the local culture. Make it a point to experience the native form of dance known as "Bodu Beru" which is always an engrossing spectacle. You may even join in the dance if you so wish. You may also take a ride on the type of vessel known as a dhoni which is a traditional Maldivian sailing craft.


To admire the buildings

If you take the opportunity to explore the capital of the Maldives, Male, you will be able to observe a host of interesting buildings with distinctive architectural design. Make it a point to visit the Grand Friday Mosque which is a prominent sight in the Maldivian capital. You will be captivated by this mosque's gleaming dome, wood carvings and Arabic calligraphy. You will also notice the carved doors and panels, elaborate chandeliers and the intricate carpet here. There are also several other mosques in the Maldives that boast many attractive features of interest.

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