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List of Food to Taste in the Maldives – Dive into Maldivian Cuisine

Cuisine is an integral part of any culture; from the ingredients, the locals use, to the tiny details they add in to make the dishes stand out and the unique taste they create.



Everyone has their own take on flatbreads, and this is the spin Maldives has taken. A thick flatbread or chapathi stuffed with perfectly smoked and seasoned tuna and some coconut blended together with curry leaves for fragrance and flavour. It makes for a perfect snack for just about anyone.


Boshi Mashuni

Boshi Mashuni or in the terms fit for a foreigner, banana flower salad is an absolute Maldivian treat. While the rest of the world may enjoy just the bananas, this tropical nation uses the shredded flower of the banana tree mixed with spices, curry leaves and lime and serves it up on a petal for an authentic touch.



In essence, Garudhiya is a Maldivian fish soup, but don't let the simplicity fool you. This is a fragrant, mouthwatering dish that is so popular that the best Maldives restaurants offer their own version of it. The basic ingredients are simple: fish, salt and water, but the tangy elements that the chefs add to elevate the dish, make it a delicacy worth trying, especially alongside some freshly made roshi (flatbread) or some steaming hot rice.


Kulhi Boakibaa

Many Asian nations enjoy concocting fish cake and it's no surprise that the archipelago of Maldives has a signature form of it. Translating roughly to spicy cake, Kulhi boakibaa is made of smoked tuna, desiccated coconut, chilli and a bit of lime to give it a kick. It is typically enjoyed as a teatime snack. It is also the ultimate street food of the Maldives.


Mas Huni

This Maldivian breakfast dish is another excellent example of the wonders the locals can do with two simple ingredients. 'Mas' meaning fish in Dhivehi, in this case, tuna, is mixed with scraped coconut or 'huni' and onions and chilli to make it a delicious addition to any breakfast. Enjoy a handsome portion of Mas Huni on the side of some flatbread along and wash it down with a cup of sweet tea.


Fresh Seafood

Being an island nation, it's no surprise that the Maldives can serve up some beautifully fresh and delicious seafood, straight out of their shimmery blue waters. Hotels like Baros Maldives even offer you an exclusive private dining experience, where the chefs will prepare whatever your heart desires and serve it up to you to enjoy with the ambience of the sea breeze and waves. Make sure you try the perfectly cooked lobster as the Maldives offers a unique taste with their method of preparation.


Bambukeylu Hiti

With all the seafood dishes that the Maldives offers, vegetarians might be slightly hesitant about enjoying the cuisine but have no fear. As a country that lives off of curries, Maldivians have perfected the art of making delicious and creamy curries. Bambukeylu Hiti is a rich breadfruit curry that is cooked in well-seasoned coconut cream and can be enjoyed alongside your choice of carb.


Maldivian Fries

There are many a yam that Maldivians like to deep fry and serve up. Maldivian fries include breadfruit fries, cassava fries and fries made of many other kinds of yams. They serve the dish with some locally brewed sauces to give the consumer an authentic experience.


Aluvi Boakibaa

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, it's probably best to remember the word "boakibaa", which is Dhivehi for cake. Aluvi boakibaa is a deliciously sweet cake made with sweet cassava and coconut and is absolutely essential to every Maldivian dining table.

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