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Updated by Shanky Rai on Nov 03, 2020
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Make A Smart Move Using Smart light Switch For Your Home

You can control smart switches via an app on your smartphone or tablet and easiest ways to integrate your smart devices and are appropriate for apartments and smaller homes.




Smart light switch provides is convenience, enabling you to easily control your lights with your smartphone. Even a whole-of-house rule programmed to switch off every light automatically when you leave the house.


Greater Control

smart light switch to other smart devices, things get really interesting, this multi-device interaction that adapts your home technology to fit your lifestyle and can benefit your daily life and routines.


Less Electricity Bills

Less Electricity Bills

Lighting your home makes up on average 12% of your total electricity bill each year according to research from Energy Star and a control multiple bulbs and the price of some smart bulbs is comparable to the cost of a single smart switch.


Energy Saving

One of the significant benefit home automation offers is that it saves precious financial resources as, with these switches, one can remotely control electrical appliances, thereby not only conserving money but energy as well.


Remote Control

Remote control with the smartphone - no more wondering if you left the lights on when you get to work


Compact design

Compact design

Smart light switch Is compact design to fit inside any electrical switchboard and connects with any normal switch to make it a smart switch


Better Security

Better Security

Smart light switches are one key component to a smarter safer home for your family, that smart security systems are one of the fastest-growing technologies in the smart home space.