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Top Attractions to See in Kalutara Sri Lanka – Exploring the Best of Kalutara

Kalutara, known back in the day as Kalutota, happens to be one of the most scenic resort towns in the Kalutara district. It is located approximately 40 km South of Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. With a whole lot of attractions to pick from, here are our best recommendations of all!


Kalutara Chaithya

The most legendary landmark of the whole of Kalutara is most definintely the Kalutara Chaithya. Built far back in the 1960s, this white, 3-storied pagoda at Kalutara Vihara is said to be the first completely hollow Buddha Stupa in Sri Lanka. The interior of the pagoda is grandly decorated with illustrations out of 'Jataka' tales that are commonly taught in Buddhism.


Kalutara Bodhiya

This can be regarded as one of Sri Lanka's most famous sacred and venerated Buddhist sites in all of Sri Lanka. It is said to be one of the 32 saplings of the holy Anuradhapura Sri Maha Bodhiya (a descendant sapling of the bo-tree that is said to have sheltered Lord Buddha during his journey to obtain the supreme bliss of Enlightment).


Thudugala Ella

Safely tucked away in the midst of a rubber estate and a jungle, this is a place that unites the sheer beauty of its cascading water and the genuine hunkiness of the wilderness. Once you arrive at the Thudugala rubber estate, make your way into it at least 300 meters and then you will begin to hear the thunderous sound of the gushing water. As you walk a little further into the estate you shall finally catch a glimpse of it and believe it or not, you are witnessing an enchanting hidden beauty which also happens to be one of the most well preserved water bodies in Sri Lanka.


Richmond Castle

This is considered as one of the most outstanding architectural works of the 1900s and was once owned by Mudaliyar Don Arthur De Silva Wijesinghe Siriwardhane, who was in charge of the K'alutara disaawa' at the time- a governor of sorts. The architecture of this mansion is simply put, spectacular with a thorough mix of British and Indian accents and was originally inspired by the Indian Maharaja's palace design. This two-storied mansion built in 1910 at Palatota and features a rich 42-acre fruit garden estate. The Majority of materials used in building this spectacular mansion are said to have been imported from abroad. Situated within close proximity to many Kalutara beach hotels in Sri Lanka, such as the famous Mermaid Hotel & Club, a visit to the Richmond castle makes for a great day trip!


Fa Hien Caves

Found in Yatigampitiya, these caves boast of some of the oldest evidence for Mesolithic habitation in Sri Lanka. It is known as the largest natural rock in Asia and is said to have natural tunnels running inside them. It seems impossible to believe, but according to archaeologists, these caves can easily accommodate around 300 people in them at any given time! Excavations within these caves have revealed five human skulls and a bunch of weapons made from stones and animal bones and have been traced back to over 37,000 years back and hence puts Fa Hien caves as one of the most ancient pre-historic human settlement sites in Asia.