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Types of Food to Try When in Angkor

Among many things Angkor is famous for, its cuisine is definitely one of the most sought-after things by travellers. Whether you are a foodie or not Angkor's food will keep your taste buds tantalized and keep you coming back for more. Knowing your dishes well is your best bet to not miss out on some of their best dishes.



Simply put Kralan is sticky rice roasted in bamboo sections that is a go-to food in Cambodia. Rice is the staple food of Cambodia as in many other Asian countries. Kralan is different from the usual rice dish adding a sweet twist to it. It is prepared by cooking sticky rice in coconut milk with black eyed pies or beans and stuffed in bamboo. This is a great snack that you can carry around with you and enjoy while exploring Cambodia.


Amok Fish

A traditional dish of Cambodia, Amok fish is a rich curry that is cooked in coconut milk and steamed in banana leaves. This flavoursome dish is a must try when you are in Cambodia and is served in most restaurants. You can indulge in this delicious curry at FCC Angkor Siem Reap, a luxury hotel in the city. This thick yellow curry is surely an eye catchy dish and tastes as good as it looks which can be enjoyed with rice. A lot of different spices are used to create the unique flavour of this dish including some key ingredients such as lemongrass, galangal, Prahok and coconut milk. An interesting fact about this dish is that different Cambodian families have their own recipe to it adding a little bit of a twist to its flavour.


Fried Insects

This is a truly unique experience for your taste buds, as it is not often that you get a chance to eat fried insects. This is a common snack in Siem Reap that you will find as you walk down the streets. High in nutritional value, fried insects are a great way to get your dose of vitamins in a yummy treat. It has become a snack that is loved by all that you can even find them at some of the top restaurants in Siem Reap and some vendors that specialise in making these snacks. You can choose from a range of different insects such as wasps, crickets, silkworms and even spiders. Insects are deep fried and seasoned with salt, sugar, herbs and chili making them a delicious snack.


Jaggery Soup

Adding a new twist to soup dishes, jaggery soup is a sweet soup that is made out of cane juice, diary and palm sap. Jaggery is a famous ingredient in the South Asian cuisine that is used in making many desserts. This soup has a rich brown colour that comes from the jaggery and contains iron plus mineral salts, making it a healthy option that caters to your sweet cravings. After trying out different dishes in Siem Reap, you can top it off with some jaggery soup that is bound to give you a boost of energy.

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