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10 biggest and best personal finance blogs

Here are the best (and my personal favorite) financial blogs on the entire internet! Feel free to add your own and upvote the best ones!


Finance Friday

Finance Friday

You may not have heard of Finance Friday, but the site is pure gold!

The site is ran by businessman, entrepreneur and investor Thibault Kuten and the site covers just about every part of personal finance imaginable, from investing to saving to getting out of debt to making money!

Some of their recent articles include "10 steps to making a budget", "10 creative ways to save money" and "How to invest- Rule One Investing"

Finance Friday's "About us" page states the following:

We are dedicated to helping you become financially free. It’s as simple as 1,2,3. Change your mindset. Change your future.


Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly

GRS is one of the first personal finance blogs to have ever appeared on the internet.

It was founded in 2006 by JD Roth as a way for him to document his journey through digging himself out of debt!

Since then, it has expanded to talking about just about everything to do with personal finance. JD Roth even sold the site and bought it back a few years later!


Millennial Money

Millennial Money

Millennial Money was founded as a way for millennial entrepreneur Grant Sabatier to educate the world on how to make money, invest, save and become financially free.

In part, his website states:

More and more millennials are finding out that the “old school” retirement narrative isn’t the goal.

He advocates for you spending less, saving and investing more and running your own business if you can!


The College Investor

The College Investor

As the name might suggest, the site is dedicated to helping those in college to become financially free. The site is also aimed at other young people in general!

The College Investor was founded in 2009 by Robert Farrington as a way to help other students become financially free!

On the site, it says in part:

The College Investor is designed to be the #1 tool to help you get out of student loan debt, learn how to earn more money, understand how to start investing, all so you can build real wealth.

And this is something that the site still carries today, almost eleven years later!


Financial Samurai

Financial Samurai

Financial Samurai was founded by Sam Dogen in 2009 as a way to help others become financially free.

Sam has been featured in just about every major financial news outlet imaginable, from Business Insider to Forbes to Bloomberg to the Wall Street Journal!

Financial Samurai is also one of the founding members of the Yakezie blog network!


Minority Mindset

Minority Mindset

Minority Mindset isn't your typical finance blog- yes, it does talk about saving, investing and so on. But it has a very special and unique point- it is focused on getting you to become an entrepreneur!

Minority Mindset was founded by entrepreneur, lawyer and real estate investor Jaspreet Singh. He is famous for getting you to "MIH- Make It Happen"

He promotes entrepreneurship based on the fact that he believes that starting your own side hustle, paying off your debt, and investing all that you earn is the best way to become financially free!

Minority Mindset was founded in January 2016 to serve this!




DollarSprout is a relatively new site. Up until about 18 months ago, no one had ever heard of them, but now, they are almost the kings of the personal finance field!

DollarSprout's mission is relatively simple according to their website:

We want everyone to worry less about money and spend more time on the things that truly matter in life.

DollarSprout was founded in 2015 and has since become one of the most highly-authoritative sites in the entire industry!


Afford Anything

Afford Anything

As the name implies, the aim of the site is to help you get out of debt, and have the ability to afford anything you want.

On their website, it states in part:

You can't afford everything, but you can afford anything

And that is a great mantra to live by!

The site focuses on allowing you to invest in real estate and other income-producing properties. The founder, Paula Pant often includes her own commentary inside her articles, allowing you to learn from her mistakes!


Debt Roundup

Debt Roundup

Debt Roundup is much like GRS- it was founded by someone severely in debt.

In 2012, Grayson Bell found himself in $75,000 worth of credit card debt. He relaized that it would take him 60 years to pay it off at the current rate. He decided that this would not stand. So he decided t get educated, pay off his debt as much as possible and live as though he was broke.

After paying off his debt in 2012, he started up Debt Roundup as a way to teach other what he wished he had known before he started.

At the time of writing, Debt Roundup has been inactive for a few months, but there are still some posts that are worth going over and reading!


Retire by 40

Retire by 40

Retire by 40 is a personal finance blog that is more of a biography than anything else. The posts are often about whatever that week had thrown at him in terms of his finances. Sometimes these issues are large, others, they are incredibly small!

The founder of Retire by 40 is former Intel computer designer, Joe. He found his work good, but it wasn't what motivated him. So he chose to do something different and in 2010, he founded Retire by 40, a blog where he would share his thoughts and so on.

Just because it is more of a biography than anything else, do not discount it! The site is still full of hundreds of little hidden goodies! It's certainly worth a look!