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Hernia Surgery Kolkata

Hernias are bulges in the belly where intestines and abdominal fat come out under the skin through a defect or hole or a weak spot in the abdomen. The defect may be in a scar from a previous operation or a naturally present gap in the abdomen. Hence, the common sites for hernias are the groin, navel, abdomen, or a previous operation site. A hernia is becoming a very prevalent disease these days and people are availing hernia surgery to address them effectively.

Some FAQs About The Mesh Used In A Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery – Hernia Surgery Kolkata

The hernia is a very common problem. Every day, there are so many people in Kolkata who are suffering from a hernia comes in for hernia surgery. A lot of people tend to have questions regarding the mesh, which is used in hernia surgery. Digestive Surgery Clinic, a renowned hospital in Kolkata for Hernia surgery…

Hernia Belt Or Hernia Surgery: Which One Is The Better Choice?

Two ways to treat hernia are using a hernia belt or undergoing hernia surgery. Find out which one is the best option to treat it permanently for you to choose in Kolkata.

5 Problems That Can Be Cured With The Help Of Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery not only cures the problem of obesity but also limits its other associated problems too. Five such obesity related problems are listed here.

7 Detox Drinks For Every Day That Will Help You In Weight Loss

To lose weight, we try a lot of different types of methods. Some try exercises, some try dieting, and for those who are dealing with a lot of obesity-related complications and suffering from morbid…

An Inside View Of Female Groin Hernia TEP Repair

Take a look at how a female groin hernia is repaired with the help of Totally extra peritoneal surgical technique.For more information visit:- https://www.di...

Hernia Symptoms And Causes – Hernia Surgery Kolkata

An abdominal hernia occurs when an organ or other piece of tissue protrudes through a weakening in one of the muscle walls that enclose the abdominal cavity.

5 Questions You Must Ask Your Doctor Before Inguinal Hernia Surgery

Here are five important questions that you should ask your doctor before inguinal hernia surgery. Remember to choose only a well renowned doctor in Kolkata.

The Ultimate Guide to Hernia in Kolkata

What causes a hernia? How are hernias treated? Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery is the best option for hernia treatment. Find the answers to other hernia-related qu…

Is It Possible For Your Hernia To Go Away Without Surgery?

A hernia is a very common problem found in people. In most cases, it has been found in adults. Every year there are so many patients who undergo hernia surgery in Kolkata. But even before surgery…

This World Health Day Don’t Ignore Your Hernia Anymore – Hernia Surgery Kolkata

We observe World Health Day on 7th April every year. Health is the most important thing in every person’s life. Without good health, we can’t live well let alone achieve anything in our life. But even after knowing this, people tend to ignore a lot of things regarding their health. A hernia is one such…

Exercises You Can Do To Prevent Obesity While Being Quarantined

Obesity can become a huge problem due to inactivity, increasing the number of patients of obesity surgery in Kolkata. Here are a few indoor exercises you can do.

The Relation Between Hernia And Obesity And How It Is Managed

Obesity can have a negative effect on both the hernia and the hernia surgery. See how these two are connected and how it is managed if a person have both her...

Physical Activities You Are Allowed To Do Even If You Have Hernia

A hernia is a very common condition, which if, occurs to someone can hinder their normal lifestyle. It is well known that the only way to treat hernia is to undergo hernia surgery. If you have a…

Thanking Nurses: The Warriors Who Stay Beside Doctors At All Times

“Thank you, doctor!” We always hear people utter these three words after they have been treated successfully. But ever heard anyone say the words “thank you, nurse”? We seldom appreciate the work done by a nurse in a hospital or a clinic. Yet, they are equally hardworking and has as much contribution to healthcare. A d

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Follow these ways to prevent hernia. If you already have it choose the option of hernia surgery as soon as possible as it will allow you to resume your normal life.

Management of Hernia Emergencies (Guidelines based) - Dr Sarfaraz Baig

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Everything To Know About Hernia Surgery In Kolkata With Mesh And No Mesh- Digestive Surgery Clinic – Hernia Surgery K...

A hernia cannot be repaired without surgery. But, what a lot of people don’t know is that hernia surgery can be done either with a mesh or without a mesh depending on the situation of the hernia and its severity. Read on to find out how these two surgeries differ from each other. Why These…

7 Symptoms You Might Have Hernia But Can Be Very Easy To Miss

A hernia is a condition that can be cured only with the help of surgery. So, if you have a hernia it will be first diagnosed and then you will be required to have hernia surgery in Kolkata. A hernia…

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