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Banking & Financial in Bahrain

A one-stop place for all people like you to know about all banks in Bahrain and their latest information/news, promotions, up-to-date activities!


What are the best savings accounts in Bahrain?

Why do I need a savings account?
Savings accounts provide a safe haven for your capital while also providing you with tidy earnings through interest or profits, the ability to withdraw cash through ATM / Debit Cards and transfer funds.
In this post, we will examine a few real-life savings accounts available here in Bahrain, their main features and benefits and how you can make an informed choice while opening a savings account for yourself or your family members.

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How Do I Apply for a Credit Card Online in Bahrain?

By understanding your spending patterns!

Group your spending and identify your biggest spend categories. These could be groceries, fashion/dining/entertainment spend or other categories (like online shopping or air travel) depending upon your age, gender, lifestyle, and needs.

Analyzing your spends category-wise and identifying high-spend categories helps you to choose a Credit Card in Bahrain that gives you the most rewards for your highest spending categories. This enables you to maximize the rewards and benefits you earn.

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What should I know about Offers and Promotions on Credit Cards in Bahrain?

What are the main benefits of credit cards?

Credit cards offer a tremendous number of benefits. Let's just recap the main ones –

  • list text here Having a ready-to-use, interest-free loan in your pocket!
  • list text here The convenience of cashless transactions
  • list text here Acceptability across millions of merchant establishments around the world, both offline and online.
How to choose the best Auto Loan in Bahrain?

Who isn't interested in driving around in their own car? For those who are young and young-at-heart trendiness and sportiness is what they want in their car. Those with familial responsibilities prefer a car that can double as an office commute and as a family ride for weekend picnics.

Whatever the preferred ride may be, buying a car is a pretty big ticket purchase and only a few will have all the required funds in hand. This is where auto financing steps in.

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Personal Loans in Bahrain Bucket List of Dreams

I have a bucket list of dreams. How do I go about fulfilling them?

We all have wishes – buying household appliances, getting the latest gadget for personal use, taking that dream vacation and for the more financially savvy – paying off higher interest rate debts (like credit card debt).

So, how do we go about fulfilling them? Personal loans are the answer!

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Digital Banking Reward Programs in Bahrain - eRewards - Bank Rewards in Bahrain

How do I earn points through Digital Banking Reward programs in Bahrain?

Digital Banking Reward Programs in Bahrain:

We all know that many banks in Bahrain offer reward programs for their credit card holders. So, whenever you use your credit card for a certain amount you start to earn reward (or loyalty) points which you can redeem – as cashback, as vouchers, against purchases etc. You could even donate your points to charity!

But, all these programs are limited to credit cards and credit card spends.

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Which are the best Savings Schemes offered by banks in Bahrain?

Which are the best Savings Schemes offered by banks in Bahrain?

Banking customers in Bahrain are a lucky lot! Bahraini banks are known for encouraging saving on part of their customers. And, they do that with attractive prize schemes!

What we will be doing here is, we will provide updated details of some of these savings prize schemes in Bahrain.

So, without further ado, let's jump straight into the details that you are waiting for so avidly..

Mazaya Social Housing Finance Scheme in Bahrain on Behance

How do I make use of the Mazaya Social Housing Finance Scheme in Bahrain?

How you can make use of the Mazaya Financing Scheme to make your dreams of owning a home come true.

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What are the best Step-Up Deposits available in Bahrain?

A step-up deposit is a type of fixed deposit that allows depositors to lock in an interest rate for a set term.

However, unlike a fixed deposit where the interest rate stays fixed throughout the term in case of a step-up deposit the interest rate keeps increasing at regular intervals.



Which is the best priority banking service in Bahrain?

Which is the best priority banking service in Bahrain?

What is a priority banking service / relationship?

A priority banking relationship is one where the bank provides "priority" service to customers who fall in this bracket.

Priority banking customers are those who have significantly higher investible corpus vis-a-vis retail customers.

And, because they are willing to invest much larger sums in the bank's products than retail customers, the bank also goes the extra mile to lay out "priority" treatment to such customers.

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What is premium banking? To put it simply, premium banking refers to a set of services offered by banks to clients who fall within the upper-income tiers. These could be business people, upwardly mobile professionals etc.

Such clients usually have surplus funds to invest, greater wealth to manage, more assets to protect and hence, retail banking products with their standard set of features and benefits may not be sufficient for them.

Hence, banks have striven to offer such customers superior set of products and services that are collectively known by the moniker, "Premium Banking".

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Applying for a home loan in Bahrain, especially online, is a comparatively easy process and one that we will cover here. But, before we do that, we will also be covering certain topics that we believe are both important and pertinent to the home loan process.

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What Are The SME Banking Services Provided By Commercial Banks in Bahrain?

Commercial Banking: SME Banking relates to the provision of banking and financing services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Some of the important areas covered by SME banking include working capital, overdrafts, export and import finance, guarantees, short- and long-term loans etc..

But, before we explore banking and financial services offered to SMEs, let's take a look at some SME facts in Bahrain.

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AUB becomes a signatory to the UN Responsible Banking Principles

Ahli United Bank has signed the United Nation’s Principles for Responsible Banking, an initiative spearheaded by the United Nation Development Programme (UNEP) in partnership with leading international banks, aiming at aligning global banking practices with long- term social and environmental goals and providing a roadmap for the global financial community in addressing global challenges and contributing to sustainable economic development. The Principles are accessible to all signatories at all stages of the sustainability journey.


MyHassad Savings Account - Ahli United Bank

#MyHassad has made more winners and delivered more prizes than any other savings scheme on the island. Since inception, over 16,800 MyHassad winners have taken home in excess of 70 million Bahraini Dinars in cash prizes!

For more details:

Which Fixed Deposit should I opt for in Bahrain?

In Bahrain, fixed interest savings products are termed Fixed Deposits. They are also, in some cases, termed as Time Deposits.

What are the types of fixed deposits available in Bahrain?

One one hand, we have conventional fixed deposits that pay interest on the amount deposited and on the other hand we have Islamic deposit accounts that pay a profit on the amount deposited/invested.

What is a Current Account and which Current Account should I go for in Bahrain?

What is a Current Account and which Current Account should I go for in Bahrain?

A Current Account is a type of deposit account into which account holders can deposit and withdraw funds.

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