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Full forms

In this topic we will show you most useful full forms, for example BASIC FULL FORM IN COMPUTER, FULL FORM OF COMPUTER PARTS, WWW FULL FORM IN COMPUTER ,and more full forms we will consider in this topic, so finally read all importance full forms

DNS Full Form-full meaning of DNS in computer

DNS Full Form is Domain Name System. This term refers to the Internet service, which translates a domain names into an IP addresses.

POLICE full form-compleate meaning of POLICE

POLICE Full Form is Protection Of Life In Civil Establishment. It can also refer to Polite Obedient Loyal Intelligent Courageous and Efficient.

DSLR full form-full form of DSLR with complete information

DSLR Full Form is Digital Single-lens Reflex Camera. DSLR refers to a digital camera in which the direct light from the lens to viewfinder are done using mirrors

GDP Full Form-what does GDP stands for-complete information about GDP

GDP Full Form is Gross Domestic Product. GDP is the main indicator that helps to gauge the economy of a nation. It stands for the total value of all services and goods produced for a given period.

USB Full Form-usefulness of USB and complete information about USB

USB Full Form is Universal Serial Bus. Almost every computer device currently comes with USB ports

MC Full Form -What is the Full Form of MC ?-Mc full form from rap

MC Full Form is Master of Ceremonies. Also termed as compere, MC is an official host of various stage events and similar performances. MC normally addresses audience and entertains them in weddings, parties, and similar series of events.

TC full form | Full form of TC | what is the meaning of TC in English ?

TC  full form is Take care,Ticket collector. But TC  full form is not just this, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are many types of TC full form.

Full Form of AM and PM-What does Am and PM stands for ?

Full Form of AM and PM: AM Full Form is Ante Meridiem (‘before mid-day’) and PM Full Form is Post Meridiem (‘after mid-day’).

LOVE Full Form-beautiful full forms of love-full form of love -valantine day 2020

LOVE Full Form can be Language Of Valuable Emotions (or) Long Original Valuable Emotion.LOVE is just an emotion and there cannot possibly be any realistic full form.

Jcb full form-jcb vehicle full form in english-compleete information about jcb

JCB Full Form refer to the British MNC Joseph Cyril Bamford Excavators Limited. JCB is the largest manufacturer in Europe that makes heavy equipment for construction. JCB has manufacturing plants across 4 continents

www full form in computer-complete information about www-www full form

WWW Full Form is World Wide Web. WWW represents the Internet server system which supports documents that are specially formatted. These documents are usually formatted using HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language.