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Headline for Best places to visit in Botswana on your vacation – Attractions in Botswana you shouldn’t miss
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Best places to visit in Botswana on your vacation – Attractions in Botswana you shouldn’t miss

Landlocked Botswana has a greater advantage when it comes to attracting tourists than any other destination in the region; its wildlife and natural landscapes are irresistible draws for tourists.


Okavango Delta

This is a most amazing slice of wilderness you see in Botswana, if not on the whole planet. Packed with dry grasslands and swamps, Okavango Delta remains to be an unperturbed piece of nature. Among the things you can do on a visit to Okavango Delta are safaris and game watching, and there's also the possibility of seeing zebra, cheetah, elephants, rhinos and crocodiles. You need to time your trip properly if you don't want to miss seeing certain animal species.


Moremi Game Reserve

In 2008, Moremi Game Reserve was voted as the best game reserve, and with good reason. This reserve is the first such place to be founded by the locals who grow increasingly worried about wildlife species endangered by man-made and natural threats. The reserve is located beside Okavango Delta, and it offers some of the stunning scenery and touts an impressive ecosystem.



If you don't mind doing a bit of walking around, in fact, if you fancy it, Gabane offers you the chance to explore the hills on foot. You'll be surprised to find out that the village is extremely industrious and you see a number of small manufacturers there; among them are pottery, glasswork and metal. The pottery factory found at the village is worthy of a visit, if you pay a visit, you are given a chance to buy handcrafted decorative items, but the main reason for tourist visits remains to be the fact that it is an excellent location for hiking.



Kasane is surrounded by the Four Corners of Africa: Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia. This is a great gateway to all four regions, especially, to the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Chobe National Park in Botswana. The town's main highlights include a Baobab tree that is said to have been used as a prison since it has a large trunk that could easily fit humans. If you have a strong stomach, there is also a snake park that houses about 50 snakes belonging to 17 snake species.



Tourists usually consider Maun to be a gateway to the Okavango Delta, but it has its own attractions. Due to it being a primary tourist stop, Maun has great tourist amenities, and they include some of the best hotels in Botswana. The town may not have a lot going on, but it does attract a wide range of tourists, including adventure travellers and volunteers. You also find a few campsites by the river where you are allowed to spend a few nights.



The capital city of Botswana, Gaborone is the largest city in the country. There are modern buildings set in the tropical backdrop, and they form quite the unusual sight. While there aren't many reasons to visit the city, you must visit the city, if only to see a place that has embraced the modernity of today quite early on; also, there are a few restaurants and hotels that you may find interesting, including the franchise of Avani hotels and resorts. If you want to see what a modern African city looks like, you must visit Gaborone.


Chobe National Park

Though this is only the third largest park in Botswana, it shelters a large concentration of rare animals in the African continent; the park is named after the Chobe River. The river is not only a stunning sight, but it also supports the ecosystem that nurtures exotic animal species like elephants, lions, giraffes, buffalo, baboons and various forms of birds.