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Lesser known facts about Pattaya – Interesting facts that make Pattaya even more appealing

People don't know much about Pattaya, if there is anything they know, it is limited to wild parties and long sandy beaches, but there's much more to this Thai city than you might imagine.


It wasn't always a city

It is a little hard to imagine Pattaya without its bars, clubs, hotels and constant sightings of tourists. But it wasn't always the case. If you go 30 years back in time, you'd see only a deserted beach, nothing more. When the Indo-China war came to be, Pattaya had just started developing into the city that it is today. Even the name Pattaya wasn't always the name of the city; it was recently invented. The city that was once a deserted beach is now a resort town facilitated by the likes of Avani Pattaya Resort


It's not a province

On account of its residents and size, you may think Pattaya is the administrative city of a province, but it is not so, in fact, Pattaya is a special administration district found in Chonburi Province, which, as it happens, is the 51st largest Thai province. However, with the rapid growth of the tourism sector, Pattaya's role is becoming more significant by the day.


You can reach Pattaya both by train and place

Your usual transport mode might be a private car or a taxi, but Pattaya has two train stations and one international airport. There's a train that runs from Bangkok to Pattaya and back, you pay almost nothing for the train ticket, seeing as it is only 30 baht. You cannot get a flight from Bangkok to Pattaya, but you can, however, get one from Chiang Rai, Phuket, Hat Yai and Koh Samui.


An excellent diving spot

If you love diving, you'll find Pattaya to be a great diving spot. With clear weather, the place offers some of the best sites you'll find in Thailand; there are many shipwrecks and islands you can visit for diving, and if you are not a certified diver, you can enrol yourself for a course with PADI certificate.


City of Thousands Beer Bar

It doesn't come as a surprise that Pattaya has numerous beer bars, there are many more than one would imagine. It is said, that the number of beer bars found in Pattaya comes up to nearly 2000; an astonishing number, even for Pattaya.


Home to 3rd tallest building in Thailand

Reflection Jomtien Beach Oceanfront Tower is located in Pattaya which happens to be the 3rd tallest building in Thailand. If you were to get to the top, you would be treated to some of the best panoramic views, but, alas, only the owners of the two penthouses found up there are privileged for the views.


A great spot for golfing

Pattaya has 23 golf courses – the number is going to change before too long – and so it is one of the best places for a golf player to be. Golfing is among Pattaya things to do, and a visitor should make the most of what's offered. Pattaya golf course range from average to international-class golf courses.


Fresh seafood

The city touts some of the best seafood dishes in the world. In the morning, Pattaya takes up its busiest veneer with markets packed with vendors and shoppers haggling over freshly caught fish and the like. The presentation of these dishes is praiseworthy too, they come in various shapes and sizes, and they are inarguably the most delicious. One of the unusual dishes tourists should try while in Pattaya is the horseshoe crab papaya salad.

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