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Cat things you should now

Here are some best blogs which can give you the ideas of how to be like a cat pro.

Prevent Matting Of Furs In Your Kitty - Cat Matting

Grooming can be a lot of work and sometimes it can feel as if shaving can be an ultimate solution for a long-haired cat but unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

The coat is very important for any animal, it plays a huge role in regulating the normal body temperature. It acts as there possession, stay cool in summer and warm in winter. With a little commitment every day, you can easily get rid of the busy mats. Alongside you will be able to spend a good bond with your kitty as they wish your attention and love to be groomed.

Here are some Tips to Easily Maintain your Baby Kitty

Buy Persian Cats For Sale Online in India - Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi

Persian Cats , with their luxurious fur and soft coat have achieved number one position in breed popularity. These pets have a sweet, melodious voice that makes their mews welcoming and prove to be a great stress-buster. Although famous for glamorous look, these pets have the most friendly and nurturing personality.

Can Cats Have Or Spread The CoronaVirus?

Can Cats Have Or Spread The CoronaVirus? Although cats tend to catch infections and fall sick, but this newly spread coronavirus isn't the ordinary one.

Protect Your Cats From Fungal Infections And Mange

Mostly all these fungi cause skin and respiratory tract infections and also cause damage to the bone and brain. There are some of the most dangerous fungal infections in cats discussed below along with the treatments.

Fever, slow weight loss, eye problems, swollen glands, difficulty breathing, anemia, and coughing or lameness are common signs. Some cats may develop diarrhea if the intestine tract becomes infected.


How To Check Your Cat For Fever?

How would you know about your cat’s fever? As humans, it is not easy to identify a cat’s fever by normal methods.

So, to know the abnormal temperature rise in cats, you must know their normal body temperature which is around 100.4º and 102.5º F.

Temperature higher than the maximum limit is an indication of fever and when the temperature is beyond 106º F can cause damage to the organs of a cat, and would require immediate veterinary assistance.

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How to Choose Best Cat Boarding in Delhi

Being a pet owner, you must be aware of the roles and responsibilities that you have towards your little pet. When talking about cats, they flourish and blossom in proper attention and care, and they are a crucial part of the family. They need your love, time and focus along with the food and other necessities just like your other family members.

Life is full of responsibilities and works, so sometimes it becomes challenging to provide adequate time for the pets. Even sometimes you have to hire specialized personnel for their care due to work outings, vacations, and hectic schedules, which also adds some extra bucks in your expenses.

How To Find Your Kitten's Gender

When you adopt a cat, buy a cat or you find out your cat has given birth to new kittens, it is important to know their genders, as it can be very hard as kittens can go to their heat period soon after four or five months of their birth.

Many of the cat owners find it very difficult to understand the gender of their cats and newborn kittens so they visit the veterinarian for knowing their kitten’s gender.

On today’s blog, we will give you the gist of knowledge to handle the gender of your new kitten on your own. And to be very specific about their gender identification, It is better to wait for 5 to 6 weeks of their age for fully mature genitals.

How to Help Your Cat Loose Weight

Who does not love to have a fluffy cat in their laps? A few ounces might not look harmful, but the fat layer tends to cause some severe health issues to your cat. Ranging from a shortened lifecycle to damage to heart, obesity in cats has various risks that can put your little pet in danger. It has observed that cats tend to become inactive and lethargic. And obviously, nobody would ever be relieved to see a fat and unhealthy cat laying in their living room or lazing around in the house.


How To Check Cat For Worms?

How do you know if your cat is having worms!! By knowing their signs you will be able to take precautionary measures for the future.

In this blog, we will try to show all the variants of worms that your kittens might face. Once you pick which type of worm, you are dealing with, you can get your cat treated right away.

Worms in cats are, like enemies to your cat’s health. They are intestinal parasites and can be found living in the digestive tract in your cat’s body.

They can link themselves with the lining of the intestine and parts of it and can extract all the vital nutrition. Once you buy a cat, you have to be sure of its health.


Why Do Cats Sleep So Much? Sleeping Facts About Cats

There is no surprise that we spot a cat sleeping or lazing in almost every corner in the house. For cats, nothing is more prior than their sleep. Cats can manage an average of 20 hours’ sleep on one day. The question stays in almost every cat owner’s head; why do cats sleep so much?

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