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10 Best Balinese food you must try – Mouthwatering and magnificent

Bali in Indonesia attracts a plethora of tourists from all around the world for its picturesque landscapes, breathtaking architectural elements, and beautiful natural surroundings. Also, it is a paradise for gourmet with its vast history of culinary experience. Here are some of the must-try dishes.


Sate varieties

State varieties are quite popular in Bali and those dishes are grilled and marinated meat served with spicy sauce. The meat can be sliced or diced chicken, pork, mutton, beef or even fish. Sate Lilit is a popular dish here. It consists of a rich blend of spices and vegetables. You can find this dish at many restaurants in Kuta Bali.


Nasi Ayam and nasi campur

A bowl of mouthwatering chicken rice that you should not miss! It's a plate of rice served with different elements of Balinese food including mixed vegetables, spiced duck or chicken, portions of roast suckling pig and spicy Balinese sauce. This dish is served in restaurants, small eateries and even in some of the resorts on the island such as Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali.


Bebek and Ayam betutu

Betutu is similar to roast suckling pig dish and it's usually slow-cooked. If you are looking for a dish without pork, this will be the perfect choice for you. The dish consists of duck or chicken stuffed with traditional spices. It's usually buried in a coal fire or baked for a few hours which ultimately turn to the juicy meat.


Babi guling

This dish is adored by pork lovers from all corners of the world. It consists of a split-roast pig stuffed with vegetable mixes and traditional spices. Once Babi Guling used to be a communal treat served in special festivities but now it can be found at any restaurant in Bali.


Tahu and tempeh

When compared to other typical Balinese dishes, Tahu and tempeh come in different forms. It can either come as main-course dishes or savoury snacks, depending on your craving. The best Tahu snacks are fried, battered and stuffed with different vegetable mixes.


Jimbaran seafood

What better way to enjoy your evening than with a glass of wine with a fresh seafood bite? Many beachside cafes in Bali serve well-prepared grilled seafood ranging from crabs, lobsters, shrimp, clams, calamari and a wide assortment of fish. It is also served in Jimbaran style, which means in the form of homemade sambal.


Pepes and tum

Have you ever savoured any food item with a banana leaf wrapping? Pepes indicate an Indonesian-Sundanese cooking influence which uses a banana leaf as its wrapping. It is said that this wrapping has the power to add more taste to the food. Tum has a different texture. It has a spiced pasted mixed with minced pork mixture.


Traditional cakes and desserts

Also known as jajanan pasar, traditional cakes can be found in all corners of Bali. Main ingredients include glutinous rice, coconut, sugar, rice flour, and tropical fruits. When it comes to desserts, you will find a lot to choose from. Some of the most common desserts are rice flour and coconut milk cake, black glutinous rice porridge (bubuh injin), coconut-covered rice cake with liquid palm sugar and sticky rice cake.


Nasi goreng

This mouthwatering Indonesian dish is popular in some of the Asian countries as well. This dish is prepared by stir-frying cooked rice with a blend of vegetables, meats, diced meat, shrimp, green peas, anchovies, scrambled eggs, onions, hot chilli sauce and sweet soy sauce.



A delicious dish with grated coconut, finely chopped vegetables, meat and spices. In order to strengthen its flavour, fresh animal blood is mixed with spices and meat in some areas in Bali. There are two main types of Lawar, red and white. The white applies to vegetarians or vegans since it doesn't include any meat.

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