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Updated by Joanna James on Feb 11, 2020
Headline for Top 4 safest places to visit in Africa in 2020 – Where in Africa should you go?
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Top 4 safest places to visit in Africa in 2020 – Where in Africa should you go?

Thinking of a brand new destination to explore in 2020? Then do take note of the list of countries in Africa that in all probability would appeal to your whims and fancies.



Kenya comes across as an outstanding destination worth venturing to if you seek to embrace the brilliance of what an African wildlife safari entails. Presently devoid of any political turmoil, especially along its coastal sections, even more, popular cities such as Nairobi are safe for foreign nationals with the crime rate not in any way a deterrence. If contemplating a visit here, then do make your travel plans within the period of July through October as this is the most suitable time to delight in the country's safari experiences. Such trips will have you in your elements regardless of whether you are within the thick jungles of the west or the sublime coastlines of the east.



With a stable government and a booming tourism sector that is at the country's core, travellers heading over to Morocco this year can expect a truly wonderful experience indeed. Though the threat of petty crimes prevails, a largely peaceful and warm atmosphere will greet all those visiting locales such as Marrakesh. Perhaps, the only threat that will hinder your progress here is the temperature. Hence, the importance of scheduling one's travels can never be spoken of lightly. A milder climate is seen during April, May, September and October and therefore, these months must be jotted down as being the best times to call by one of Northern Africa's celebrated and much-loved nations.



The threat of a destabilized government or any other form of conflict is not apparent to the outsider seeking to come over to Namibia. However, it is customary for travellers to voyage to areas outside of major cities for a more complete experience of what the country has to offer discerning travellers. Seen as somewhat of an adventure hub rather than a safari paradise alone, Namibia is mostly made up of deserts. For example, the capital city of Windhoek may be a good investment as the locale is home to an engaging nightlife scene, a lengthy list of over 50 churches and wildlife sanctuaries to call by. While these areas feature prominently amongst the things to do in Windhoek, one can also take note of AVANI Windhoek Hotel & Casino from where these attractions can be easily reached.



Encounters in the wilds of Botswana are part and parcel of holidaying within the country. With little or no corruption taking shape, Botswana's economy is, therefore, bolstered by its tourism sector which over the years has continued to gather momentum and appeal. If you are travelling to Botswana from December to March, then make sure that you visit the Makgadikgadi Pans which is where zebras are known to migrate through. Further, the nourishing waters of the Chobe River might be visited by boat together with the national park too where scenes of buffaloes, elephants and hippos inhabit the area, particularly when the dry season sets in between May to October each year.