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Headline for Top 5 Water Sports to Enjoy in Bentota – Mesmerising Experiences on the Waters
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Top 5 Water Sports to Enjoy in Bentota – Mesmerising Experiences on the Waters

The attractive beach town of Bentota offers many enjoyable experiences for the visitor. Here you will be able to indulge in a number of water sports like snorkelling, diving, banana boating, windsurfing, water skiing and jet skiing.


Diving and Snorkelling

Many people around the world enjoy the appealing water activity of snorkelling. At Bentota, you will encounter pleasant conditions for this activity that contribute towards a satisfying snorkelling experience. Even if you are only a moderately experienced snorkeler you will be in your element in the local waters. On the other hand, for those keen on venturing into the depths of the water, diving is also an excellent choice when in Bentota. Beneath the waters off the coast, you will come across coral reefs and exotic fish. With so much to discover, venturing into the waters at Bentota is sure to be an interesting and enjoyable experience.


Banana boating

Banana boating is a water sport that never fails to put a smile on the face of those taking part. As its name suggests, typically the floatation that is used for this activity resembles a banana in its shape. Banana boating does not require any specialised skills; all that you have to do is to put on your lifejacket, position yourself comfortably on the boat, hold on and enjoy the ride! The motorboat pulling the banana boat will take sudden turns and twists for the entertainment of the riders.



Windsurfing, which you can indulge in at Bentota, is a water sport of a very different kind. This sport offers a unique experience for the participant as the sensations that you will experience will be very different from those experienced during any other water activity. Windsurfing is a well-established water sport that attracts a host of enthusiasts from around the world. You will find that Bentota and other coastal localities around Sri Lanka offer favourable conditions for windsurfing; you will have the choice of bringing your very own windsurfing equipment or hiring gear from a local specialist.



What could be more exciting than slicing through the waters with the sea breezes and beautiful tropical scenery all around you? At Bentota, you will have the opportunity to engage in waterskiing on the local waters which is sure to be a memorable experience. Although waterskiing may not be the easiest water sport to learn, once mastered this sport will provide you with sensational thrills and entertainment that few other activities can match. As you experience these things to do in Bentota, Sri Lanka an accommodation choice to consider from where you will be able to engage in waterskiing and other water sports would be Cinnamon Bentota Beach.


Jet skiing

Another popular water sport that you may engage in at Bentota would be jet skiing. The exhilaration of piloting your "water steed" on the shimmering waters will undoubtedly be a splendid experience! Jet skiing is not a very difficult water sport to master; soon you will be manoeuvring your jet ski confidently much to the admiration of your partner or friends. Whilst learning the ropes of this activity you will be able to ride in tandem with an instructor making the learning process even easier. Jet skiing is also a water sport that will appeal to thrill-seekers since experts will be able to undertake daring manoeuvres on their personal watercraft.

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