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Updated by Joanna James on Feb 11, 2020
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5 Amazing things to do in Oman - Sands of time

Oman is a paradise for any kind of traveller and if you are wondering what you can do while you are here, read on.


Explore Muscat

If you want to get the real vibe of what Oman is all about, you must begin by exploring Muscat. To explore the area, keep at least two days and two nights aside and place yourself at one of the Oman luxury hotels the likes of Alila Jabal Akhdar. The capital of Oman, Muscat is home to many highlights like the Grand Mosque and the central market. Grand Mosque is well worth a visit regardless of what kind of traveller you are as it will spark great interest in you. The mosque is popular for Italian marble and impressive architecture. If you are a female traveller in Oman, you have to wear some decent long-sleeved clothing that covers your ankles along with the headscarf before you can visit this mosque. If you have enough time to spend in Muscat, don't forget to explore the local markets found here as you can also complete your souvenir shopping while you are here.


Desert crossing

This is a favourite pastime among travellers in any Middle Eastern country. To successfully engage in a desert crossing activity, you need to first get a four-wheel drive. This vehicle will dig through the soft sands of the desert and take you forward. For a more adventurous desert crossing experience you could also ride a camel or a bike.



Oman is home to about 500 ancient forts and of them all, Nizwa is the one with a history of about 400 years. This Fort is the biggest in the Arabian Peninsula and is easily accessible if you are staying in the city. When you climb up the staircase within the structure you will see how date juice and oil is still being burnt inside the Fort. Back in the day, this was a gesture that was meant to be dropped on enemies trying to enter the building. During the weekend, this part of Oman will be quite busy and filled with people running around and shopping.


Wadi Bani awf

This is a must-do activity in Oman if you are an enthusiast of a four-wheel drive. This area is famous for the trails it offers along with rocky roads everywhere. If Oman has rainfall during your holiday there, this will be the first place that gets flooded. If you want to explore the area completely and properly you must keep aside at least two hours just for the journey inside here.



Known for its scorching hot weather, Oman welcomes you with the cold escape heaven; Salalah. If you are visiting this part of the world between the months of June and December, you will experience a little bit of rainfall in the environment. Salalah has cooler weather compared to the other parts of the country and you will also notice that there is more greenery here; more fruits and vegetables being grown in the desert.