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Updated by Starc Maxwell on May 17, 2020
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4 Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Towing a Caravan

If you have recently bought your caravan, you have opened a new door of numerous adventures and camping during holidays, not just in highways but also in hiking trails and attractive beaches. Along with all the fun and thrilling outdoor activities, you have to keep dangers and safety precautions in mind.

So before you take your brand new caravan out for the first spin, make sure you know all the essentials of preparing the caravan hitch for towing vehicle.



Verify your towing vehicle compatibility

At the first stage, the concern may strike, if your car is suitable for the towing job if your towing caravan will make proper conjunction for a safe, smooth and convenient journey.
The better the car and caravan match, the more comfortable the journey will be while towing. To check if your car is the right fit for towing a caravan, check your car’s highest towing capacity.


Be accurate with the towbar connection

Before towing your caravan, a tow bar will have to be connected to the rear of your towing car. This tow bar is the connection device between the vehicle and the caravan. Tow bar features almost a 50mm iron ball that comes with different frames and models including goose-neck, detachable and non-detachable accessories, flange, and so on.

Keep in mind that your attached tow bars specification meets Australian requirements with full compatibility with your towing car.


Choose the right towing vehicle

To assure road users’ safety, making the right combination of trailer and tow vehicle is essential. Finding a car with adequate towing capacity for a large caravan can be a little hard to find. In general terms, only more massive SUV s like 4WD have the adequate towing capacity for a comparatively large trailer.
Nevertheless, once your caravan beats more than 3,000, the options for the suitable tow vehicle and utilities become very limited. The trailers get more complicated to carry when you want to add too many features into it.

In general terms, vehicles that are attached with automatic transmission have way better-towing capacity than the manual transmission. Manual cars have lower towing capacity since the process of shifting gears are also manual, and any accident can occur when towing large loads. So go for a 2WD, 4WD, four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive vehicle as your towing car.


Choose the right type of Hitch for towing

When you’re on your way to a great adventure, the last thing you want is to keep looking into your transmission and motor. To have a stress-free camping idea, put your thoughts into the right towing hitch selection.

Depending on the towing sizes, receiver towing hitches are generally divided into five classes. The higher the tow class number, the higher the Hitch’s capacity. If you’re planning to frequently tow your caravan, then consider maximizing your towing potential with class 5 receiver hitch (or higher).
Since most caravans are towed with a ball hitch, make sure the receiver on the caravan tongue is securely tightened over the ball. In addition to that, the ball hitch itself is securely fastened to the towing apparatus as well.

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