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Pradip Burman

Pradip Burman is an influential leader, sworn environmentalist and a crusader of sustainability. Mr. Pradip Burman has dedicated his life towards the betterment of this country. Click here to know about his key initiatives and social work.


Top 5 popular Indian writers to read. - Kunal Oml - Medium

India always stands out when in the world for its literature. It’s the land of amazing writers and poets who have done miracles from their pens. The readers from across the globe love to explore the literature world from the pen of an Indian writer.

Here we have compiled a list of five Indian writers whose work has given a whole new identity to Indian Literature.

Ruskin Bond
Ruskin bond is the brightest star of Indian literature industry. His books are always on the top of shelves in the schools’ libraries. His beautifully written stories always leave their imprint on the children’s mind. He writes his stories in a way that they always go with a kid’s imagination. He has earned several awards for his work in Indian literature. You just can’t afford to miss his work!

R. K. Narayan
Another legendary name of Indian literature industry whose work we all have seen on the small television screen is “Malgudi Days”. The stories of R.K Narayan have narrated through the character of ‘Swami’. He has given the new dimensions to storytelling. We all have heard and loved his stories in the form of one of the best television shows of all time.

Salman Rushdie
Known for his controversial and mind-blowing literature work, author Salman Rushdie is the global celeb writer in the literature industry. He is a British Indian novelist and essayist. He has written many masterpieces which attracted huge controversies towards them. His idea of choosing the topics for his stories are completely different than a regular writer. His books are the pure form of perfection which keeps him reader’s most interesting choice.

Sudha Murty
Famous for her very unique writing style, writer Sudha Murty is another best choice for our readers. Her books are known for her excellent story writing concept. She has won different awards for penning down the stories in an extraordinary manner. Her book, ‘The Gopi Dairies’ is loved by the readers and proven her name in the literature industry.

Arundhati Roy
One of the favourites and famous choices of youth is the writer, Arundhati Roy. Her novels have always become the easy choice to read. Stories are written in a simple yet beautiful manner which keeps you glued to the book with your coffee mug. Her most famous book, ‘The God of Small Things’ has brought fame, name and award to her in the literature industry.
Now if you were confused about stocking up your new book collection then this list will help you. These young Indian writers are one of those amazing Indian writers who have known in the Indian literature industry for their extraordinary concepts of stories.
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Family planning programs led by Mobius Foundation - Pradip Burman

In a country where the current population is over 132 crores, which accounts for at least 17% of the total world population, ‘family planning’ is arguably one of the most important issues we have to focus on hands down.

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Pradip Burman’s contribution to the Indian rural society - Pradip Burman

Mr. Pradip Burman, Director and Founder of Mobius Foundation and Sundesh is an emblematic figure of ‘developmental change at the grassroots of our country’.For him, ‘progression and innovation’ aren’t just mere buzzwords but a key cornerstone he lives his life by.

Pradip Burman’s efforts in promoting sustainability awareness - Pradip Burman

He’s been saving the environment for many years now, but at the age of seventy six, Pradip Burman still sounds as determined and proactive to spearhead sustainable initiatives across the nation as always.It’s difficult to believe when he speaks with a teen’s enthusiasm and energy about the issues that consume him- climate change, Earth’s depleting resources and mankind’s consistent myopia.However his constant attention towards sustainability as an essential way of living his own life is an indisputable proof of his dedication, his visionary mindset and his commitment to leaving an uncompromised future for generations to come. 

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At the time of writing this almost five million cases have been confirmed to have the disease Covid-19. More than 300,000 have died.

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Mr. Pradip Burman, Director and Founder of Mobius Foundation and Sundesh is an emblematic figure of ‘developmental change at the grassroots of our country’.His initia..

Top five reasons for environmental degradation - Pradip Burman

Defined as the disintegration of earth through overconsumption of natural resources which significantly eradicates wildlife and plant diversity, environmental degradation is the serious aggravation to nature’s turf.

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In times of great tribulation, when everyone has been subjected to their homes, livelihoods paused, more than 5 million sick and 350 thousand fatalities at hand- it seems as if ‘suffering doesn’t discriminate’.

How plastic pollution is getting worse with COVID-19 crisis and what can we do about it? - Pradip Burman

In the past months, we’ve all seen nature flourishing, bouncing back and rebonding.The environmental changes were first visible from space and as the lockdown got more stringent- it could be sensed in the sky above our heads, the air in our lungs and the ground beneath our feet.