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Updated by Dayna Halloran on Feb 09, 2020
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Curated Collection - Kindergarten Narrative

Curated list of tools to help Kindergarten students with narrative writing

Google Docs: Free Online Documents for Personal Use

Students that are ready for differentiation will use Google Docs to type their narrative stories in order to assist with practice on spelling and sentence structure. This differentiation will also enhance computer and typing skills.

Demonstrate and share learning

Seesaw allows students to create online portfolios. Students can record themselves brainstorming a narrative idea using the audio recorder or video recorder feature. This allows students to revisit their ideas while working on their writing piece in order to enhance the details present in their story.

Canva will allow students to create visual aids of personal things that have happened in their lives. These visual aids can be used for brainstorming ideas or storytelling using pictures before the writing phase.

Create Comics Online | Comix Maker | Comic Strips | Comic Generator

Allowing students to make comics of their narrative writing will allow them to visually represent and understand the concept of giving their characters a voice in their writing. Comics also help understand the sequencing of a story.

Slideshow Maker: Create Slideshows with Music, Photos & Text | Smilebox

Smilebox slideshow maker will give students a digital option for creating their narrative collages that are full of pictures of things that have happened to them. These collages help students when it comes to brainstorming a topic. It will give them memories to look back at and see key details which will be included in their writing. Slideshow maker also has the option for audio to be added to the pictures that are uploaded.

Flipgrid | Empower Every Voice

Flipgrid allows students to create videos. These videos can be used for digital storytelling and shared with classmates. Students can tell their narrative stories on Flipgrid and if peers have questions, they can respond back. This peer input will allow students to build off of each other and understand what their readers would like to know.

Sign In | MobyMax

MobyMax is a great tool for a wide variety of skill levels. For students that are not ready to work on sentence writing, they have letter sound and recognition practice, sight word practice, and sentence structure modules. This tool assists students that may not be ready to work on their own narrative pieces yet, who are still working on understanding the details that make a story.

Kindergarten Sentence Games | Turtle Diary

Turtle Diary is full of games that are meant to assist students that are struggling with sentence structure. Allowing students to have more exposure to how sentence structure is supposed to look will carry over as they work on their personal narratives.