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Typing Activities

How are your skills on the keyboard? Take a timed test to find out how fast you are. Complete the typing lessons to learn touch typing. Try out the activities below. Learn how to type without looking at your fingers and practice your skills with different games.

Timed Typing Test

How fast can you type? Take the 1 minute, 3 minute and 5 minute timed typing tests to find out! Share your results with your teacher. Let's make a goal for making your time faster.

Typing Games

Try a few different typing games to help improve your skills! Master the keys by becoming a typing knight or complete a mission by getting rid of the Typeroids. Which ones are your favorite? Share your thoughts and progress.


Train your fingers in the way of the typing ninja! Practice typing and moving your fingers correctly. Learn how to type without looking at your fingers. Your skills will grow as you learn touch typing.

Keyboard Practice

Help your typing skills by practicing with the shift keys to make capital letters. Use the space bar and period to type complete sentences.

Dance Mat Typing

Make your fingers dance across the keyboard as you practice your typing skills. Use the correct fingers on the appropriate keys! Try not to step on or press the wrong keys!


Let's go on an adventure! Learn where the different letters are located on the keyboard by building a keyboard. Then help the frogs find their lily pads at the Frog Pond. Next, earn a cupcake and party with the ladybugs. Practice hitting the keys by popping some bubbles, finding the ducks lost in a cave and filling up the letter trucks!

Turtle Diary: Typing Games

Test your typing skills on one of these games. There are three levels of typing experts. Compete against an opponent and see who wins or play by yourself. You can race along a track, shoot hoops, go fishing, or become a typing ninja!

Nitro Type

Want to type faster? Do you like competing against your friends? Try Nitro Type. Race your friends or other components. The more you race and faster you will get. You can earn prizes and money the better you can type.

Typing Posture

Learn how to sit correctly at the computer while typing. Pay attention to what helps keep your back or shoulders from hurting. Can you show me how to sit at a computer while typing?