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Updated by U.S. Film Crew on Jul 06, 2020
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U.S. Film Crew

U.S. Film Crew is a Pittsburgh based window film installation company that services both residential and commercial customers in the Tri-State region. Our premium quality window film installation services include decorative film, security film, solar film, and specialty film.

What is Solar Film & Why Should You Consider It for Your Home?

Solar control window film is a sheet of strong polyester laminate treated in a variety of ways to improve the look and performance of existing windows. One side has a scratch-resistant coating and the other has an adhesive that bonds the film to the glass surface.

High-quality residential solar film can reduce these harmful UV rays by up to 99.9%, which also reduces sun exposure on household objects

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How to Select the Right Window Film for Your Home

Are you seeking natural light without the harmful effects of UV rays? If the answer is yes, you should specialty window films getting window film installed on your glass doors and windows, we offer homeowners a variety of residential window films, whether it’s for privacy, security, sun protection, or decorative purposes.

Window films for privacy are generally available with a mirrored or frosted effect, Security window film is designed to provide safety from thefts, accidents, and the unexpected surprises of mother nature. overall comfort level of any room. Different window film companies offer films with different percentages of UV blocking properties, Decorative window film is primarily used to enhance the appearance of any room.

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Top Benefits of Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film also enhances the aesthetics of any interior or exterior glass surface, Decorative window film addresses this concern and boasts other benefits to maximize the return on your energy savings investment. In this article, we’ll cover all of the benefits that window film experts has in store for you.

Your window glass doesn’t have to be the same as every once else. Spice it up with colored decorative window film companies. This means that the heat will be repelled during the summer and conserved throughout the winter; giving your HVAC system a break while saving money on electricity. If you plan to renovate your office space or home, then you should definitely consider decorative window film.

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How Long Will Professionally Installed Window Tinting Last?

Have you ever heard the cliche “beauty lies in simplicity”? Well, Window films typically last for over a decade. Some high-quality films can even last for the lifetime, While it certainly helps, it not foolproof. It’s been noticed that films with 3rd or 4th generation dyes can resist color shifting better than a lower quality security window film.

As you know, the windows come in many shapes and sizes, which is a factor when determining the longevity of the window film company. However, you should proceed ahead with a bit of research as there are some chemicals (such as ammonia) that could have a negative impact on the durability of the residential privacy window film.

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Beat the Summer Heat with Sun Control Window Film

This addiction shows how intolerant we are to high temperatures, especially during the summertime. Such a solution would not only help our planet, but would also help us reduce the electricity bills in our homes and offices. Does such a solution exist? Well, it does. It’s called “climate control window film,” or more commonly referred to as “solar window film.”

Window Film Installation Can Help You during summer, Window films were first introduced way back in the 1960s, and have become an integral part of our homes, offices, and cars. Some malls and supermarkets are even protecting their spaces with heavy duty security films,which adds a protective layer on their windows and reduces the penetration of the sunlight. If you’re thinking of protecting your home, workplace, or even your car with window film, then you’re definitely on the right track!

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Why You Should Choose Decorative Glass Films for Privacy & Branding

Looking for ways to brand your office space and add privacy without breaking the bank? Decorative glass films are a versatile, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing solution that can address both of these issues effectively. Commercial window tinting can be used in a dynamic way to exhibit your professionalism. With decorative commercial window film, you can add slogans, text, or inspiring messages on the windows and doors of your office space.

Decorative glass film, you can easily communicate your brand and philosophy of your company to the fullest. smart window film, and matte window films are all great solutions with specific purposes. Then you should get in touch with U.S. Film Crew, Pittsburgh’s most trusted window film company.

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Why Businesses Should Consider Glass Protection Film in Light of the Recent Protests

Glass protection film is composed of multiple layers of polyester film, which are laminated to each other using a strong adhesive. If you own a business within a major city or an area with heavy protests, then you should strongly consider protecting your property with glass protection film. Also known as security window film, you can protect your windows from damage and help deter theft. Glass windows are the most vulnerable parts of any building and investing in security film is worth every penny, especially if it eliminates looters from entering your building.

While security window film is barely noticeable, they drastically reduce the effects from break-ins, sudden impacts, accidental damage, and extreme weather conditions. Applying security film on your windows is similar to having a laminated window film. It provides you with enhanced safety and security and makes the glass more difficult to breach, which helps deter illegal entries. Discourage looters with glass protection film that help deters crime and has more resistance to shattering.

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Transitional vs. Switchable Film: How to Make the Right Selection

Are you trying to renovate your home or office space, but are unsure of whether to choose transitional and switchable window films? Window film installation faces this dilemma. Transitional window films, as the name suggests, are the kind of films that change from a clear tint to a dark tint when exposed to the sun’s UV radiation. Switchable films, also known as “smart films” or “residential privacy window films”, are the films that allow the users to manually change the glass from a transparent to an opaque state.

Many customers select a combination of the two depending on their individual needs. If you have a large commercial or public space and privacy is your biggest priority, then switchable window films or heavy duty security films may be best for you. On the other hand, if you need films that give you protection against the dangerous UV radiation but want to enjoy the natural sunlight, then you should consider transitional window film installation or modern decorative window film installation.

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Etched Glass or Decorative Window Film: Which One Should I Choose?

Many property owners and homeowners are now applying them to the inside of their spaces. In most cases, they are utilized in conference rooms, cubicles, partitions, stairways, and shower doors. We have highlighted the differences between etched glass and decorative window film to help you make a more informed decision before making your purchase. The cost of etching, cutting, sandblasting, or texturing glass can be costly because it involves labor, materials, shipping, and installation.

Customizing etched glass can get pretty complicated. Unless you use an existing pattern, creating customized etched glass involves finding an experienced manufacturer who is familiar with glass etching techniques and has the equipment to complete your project. Which is not ideal for business owners? Window film, however, can be installed quickly and quietly. Decorative film is durable, easy-to-clean, and does not require specialty cleaning supplies.

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May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month: Protect Your Skin with the Industry’s Best Window Film

You may already be aware of this, but UVA and UVB rays from the sun cause cumulative skin damage, which could eventually lead to skin cancer. In most cases, people will install blinds and curtains on their glass windows to help protect them from the sun, which certainly helps, but it ultimately darkens the room and prohibits you from enjoying natural sunlight. Often underused method of indoor sun protection sun control window film unlike blinds and curtains, solar window film reflects up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays and doesn’t deprive you of natural sunlight.

Solar film blocks up to 99% of the cancer-causing UV rays from the sun. Not only are solar films easy to install and maintain, they are much more affordable and convenient than blinds and curtains. A wide selection of decorative window film to suit our customers’ individual aesthetic preferences. commercial window film is a straightforward, hassle-free process. Not only does it protect your family and/or employees from harmful UV rays, but it provides glare reduction, heat reduction, and additional privacy.

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