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Love and Emotions

Here is the list of some blogs which will help you in recovering from the broken heart or handling the trust issues etc.


Versuasions How to Recover from Broken Heart? - Versuasions

If your heart is broken, then its never easy to get over form it. However its not impossible to heal your heart. Your family and friends are always there for you.

Versuasions She says She's Older than You - Versuasions

This year 2019 started off on a somber note. I was fortunate to attend the funeral of a great friend. A loveable guy who had the most contagious smile and an indescribable flamboyant laugh. The occasion was filled with dynamic remembrance of a departed friend, in addition, home to a celebratory atmosphere witnessed by all ages, races, and faces who haven’t seen each other in years.  Rest in Peace friend.

Versuasions Why He Needs Space to Grow - Versuasions

Drusato here. I want to say good day to those who try their best to emphasis their thoughts despite agendas who mischaracterize the need to express. Kudos, Shout outs and nuff respect to you.

Versuasions Obsession of Who_Never - Versuasions

I was born in the ’70s and saw my parents react to the music of Motown, executive produced by the legend himself Berry Gordy. If my memory serves me correctly I vividly recall my lovable parents 18 years removed from teenage adolescence, spooning over one another as if the music of the time had them trapped in some sort of hypnosis. Look at them. Eyes totally fixated upon one another as the lyrics from Marvin Gaye personifies what they were feeling at that given moment.

Versuasions Now or Never - Versuasions

At Versuasions I promised to catalog the experiences of men and women personally known. It is our job to document all things emotions as we continue to spread human connection by way of how we convey and what we say with our platform. We encourage you to comment, share and advise based on the scenario below. Remember your 10Core Strong.

Versuasions Gotta Love Media - Versuasions

Gotta love media. Have to love propaganda. And I will go even further to say we are a product of nonstop ever, ever so committed agendas. I’m not a conspiracy theorists but I will tell you plenty of blogs exist out in the web stratosphere giving the broad scope of “agendas.”

Versuasions Embrace Vulnerability - Versuasions

Steve Jobs once alluded to the fact in the face of death big decisions can be easily made. Say what you might about Mr. Jobs but there’s no question he was in tune with not only his own mortality but the brevity of life itself. He was vulnerable with life and the evidence is obvious if one considers the overwhelming risk he took to succeed. In other words, he overcame obstacles by being “vulnerable.”

Versuasions With or without her - Versuasions

You love her smile and her walk. You envision the idyllic time to address your feelings to her. But something runs through your veins even though the repeated dreams give you strength to overcome. Fear is running through your veins. You’re scared. No, actually petrified of the outcome.

Versuasions She has Trust Issues - Versuasions

There are many ways to expel the idea of “trust issues” from both genders. Today we take a look at a scenario brought to our attention.