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Top 08 Reasons To Work At Sea – A Life Of Adventure

Working at sea has many benefits, but the true call lies in your passion to sail the ocean and enjoy a life of adventure, exploring new lands. Work at sea is a very lucrative career with merchant lines sailing the seven seas carrying cargo across the world. Here are the top reasons to work at sea!


You Learn Valuable Life Skills

When you start your career within the merchant navy, your cadetship training course will arm you with a variety of top skills. Not only will you learn practical and technical seafaring expertise to evolve into a top officer, but your training will also equip you with a variety of life skills such as dedication, team building and resilience. The very reason marine engineering courses in Sri Lanka are in high demand with places like CINEC striving to offer ambitious future Merchant Navy Officers with the best opportunities.


Look Forward To High Salaries

Starting salaries alone for work at sea are quite high; this is due to the nature of work being at sea and the full gamut of skills you acquire throughout your training. So, yes being a part of the merchant navy is a very lucrative career in addition to being a specialist in many skills.


Going Further In Your Career Is An Asset

The Merchant Navy being a fast growing and dynamic industry offers ample opportunity for talented individuals to further their careers. Not only will you be armed with a unique set of skills, being good at what you do will reward you as demands are high for well skilled officers within the field. Hence your chance of personal and professional growth within the industry is on a very high scale.


Break Free From The 9 To 5 Stereo-type

Working at sea is an exotic adventure where your job takes you to foreign lands and new adventures at sea. It's not your typical 9 to 5 job and is really perfect for the individual who lives for adventure and the sense of something new.


Get Paid To Travel

Working at sea is a marvelous opportunity to explore the world. Depending on your company's needs and expectations, your work will take you to new lands and offer new experiences. Best of all you get to travel while getting paid!


The Experience Is Priceless

This is not just any career, a life at sea is very unique and full of marvelous experiences. Practicing and fine tuning your navigating skills in one experience while watching the sun dip beyond the horizon in perhaps the Arctic will be part of the experiences and memories you will cherish for a lifetime.


Look Forward To Variety

A career at sea will not be a hum drum affair; you can look forward to new encounters and experiences every time you sail away. No regular drive to office and back for you, instead every day at work is a new adventure.


Enjoy A Rewarding Career At Sea

A job at sea is both financially and personally rewarding; not only will you earn high salaries you get to be part of a close knit team. Contracts to work at sea are generally 3 months with a further 3 months of leave so you get to balance your private life as well. Sounds perfect, talk to the best marine engineering school in Sri Lanka to start off a very lucrative career.

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