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Top 06 Fun Activities To Do In Tioman – The Nature Lovers Playground

Tioman is the kind of green space that nurture's one's soul. A beach lover's paradise and environmentalist's oasis, this beautiful Malaysian island is a holiday haven of many lures. In this article, you will learn about the top fun activities to do in Tioman.


Plan A Kayaking Tour Across The Crystal Clear Ocean

Kayaking around Tioman Island is very rewarding; the water is like a glass treating you to views of fish swimming below the surface. As you paddle your way around the island you will discover some areas where the water is very shallow allowing you to view the sea bed below. Guests at Berjaya Tioman Resort can easily take on a kayak tour as the little crafts are freely available for renting and setting off on quite the adventure tour.


Swim Snorkel And Greet The Sharks

Black tip reef sharks are commonly spotted off the coasts of Tioman and a simple snorkeling tour promises you encounter with the fascinating fish. All you need are snorkel, fins and mask before setting off from the beach of your Tioman resort. Make sure to take along a good underwater camera just in case you happen upon a family of happy reef sharks!


Enjoy Some Exhilarating Treks In The Wild

You will discover that top Tioman resorts offer jungle treks which can be 3 hour hikes chasing waterfalls. Some of the most rewarding experiences you will have on the island are included in these very interesting treks into the interior of the island. Make sure to book your tour via your hotel on Tioman Island in order to manage the trek with the aid of an experienced guide, who will teach you about the unique flora and fauna and how to watch out for that Poison Ivy! Make sure to wear proper footwear to manage the trek with ease, oh and do take along your bathers for when you reach the waterfall and cannot resist a refreshing dip in the icy waters.


Make A Note Of The Elusive Wildlife

The verdant island is home to a variety of exotic wildlife and making a game of spotting the elusive critters is quite the adventure. Make sure to take a closer look at the foliage and you will discover crafty chameleons clinging to the branches camouflaged in the exact same green while monitor lizards will stealthily skulk across the brush in search of some delicious grub.


Take On A Cycle Tour

Now here's your chance to stay fit, work out all that lovely holiday food you have been enjoying and explore the island as well. Cycle tours are very popular in Tioman and most resorts are happy to offer guests a chance to rent a cycle and go explore. For those of you who simply must do everything together, there are tandems bikes to rent!


Enjoy A Romantic Sunset

As only a tropical island can, Tioman Island rewards the romantics with some of the best sunsets in south East Asia. So, do make plans to make it to the beach or the best lookout point in the interiors for viewing and savouring this magical phenomenon.

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