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Programming Language & Coding Articles

I will love to share articles that cover latest technology as well as latest programming languages .

Hybrid Cloud Solutions for Small Business - Yay or Nay? - MotoCMS Blog

Here we present a research related to the use of hybrid cloud solutions for small business. It will help you to decide if it is worth the money spent.

How cloud providers can prevent data loss: A guide - Cloud Tech News

Cloud service providers find themselves in a struggle balancing responsibility for maintaining data integrity with delivering cost effective solutions to their customers, all the while protecting their own data assets and bottom line.

Read Excel Files and convert to JSON in Node.js | CipherTrick

This article explains you to upload, read and convert excel files to json in Node.js, here we will convert xls to json and xlsx to json.

Augmented Reality UX Isn’t All about Visuals: It’s Way Beyond! - SiteProNews

Earlier, the term ‘Augmented Reality’ (AR) seemed far-off and futuristic to many. With the passage of time, the technology started gaining more popularity and ubiquity across the globe. One may not even realize the shift taking place in each and every industry including their own. The role of digitalization, in

Zappar: What Is Augmented Reality (AR)? ?

In literal terms, AR takes your experience of the world around you and adds simulated, or virtual content. Much of the industry uses the term AR to refer to adding 3D or interactive content onto a live camera feed on a handheld device, such that the content looks to be present in the real world.

Intel examines whether AI can recognise faces using thermal imaging

Researchers from Intel have published a study examining whether AI can recognise people’s faces using thermal imaging.

It’s Time to Hybridize Physical and Digital Experiences with Augmented Reality | SAP Blogs

In the field of marketing and advertising, Augmented Reality is becoming pretty much hot on heels these days. If we take a close look at the past 2 decades, these industries can be found emerging as a new paradigm filling the world with endless possibilities. Today, some of those nascent dreams are seen to be fulfilled, for example- marketing is getting hybridized in terms of physical and digital experiences.

Let’s Be Honest: The Augmented Reality Market Is Literally All About The Smartphone Right Now

Smartglasses are certainly a leading edge in the revolution that is going to take us from consuming digital on a device to immersing ourselves inside the metaverse more or less full-time.

Augmented Reality Vs Virtual Reality | MarTech Cube

Augmented reality and virtual reality are among the major trends of the present time. One of the major confusion for the people of the augmented reality world