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Energyly is an IoT company in Energy Analytics helping Industries, Hospitals, Hotels, Offices & Homes reduce their energy cost.

Energy Monitoring Devices | IoT Based | Reduce Power Cost | Industrial Solutions

Our IoT based realtime Energy monitoring system will monitor and control your electrical devices remotely and reduce power cost increase productivity using analytical data.

Case Study : Anjappar makes profit from reducing power consumption using Energyly - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring...

Energy is Anjappar’s third largest controllable expense. Faced with rising energy costs, Anjappar realized it needed to devote more attention to improving operational efficiencies. Though some effort had been expended on specific efficiency projects, the company lacked a comprehensive energy management plan and needed further evaluation of their cost drivers.

Retail Sector Energy Efficiency - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring Devices

The Retail sector is one of the most celebrated industry verticals with digital transformation visible in both the e-commerce space as well as the brick and mortar stores. However, on the flipside, the rising energy cost and the associated overheads with inefficient energy management are serious concerns for the retailer businesses.

Understanding Electricity's Maximum Demand - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring Devices

Electricity tariffs are rising hence understanding your energy bill is the first step to control your energy use and reduce costs.

Utility Bill Audit - Energy Cost Reduction - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring Devices

Saving money on energy bills is winning aspect to business holders and Industries. In general, Utility Bill Audit is the key of economy ideas into realities, by providing possible solutions within a specified time frame.

Tri-generation Systems - Energy Consumption - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring Devices

Electricity, heating, and cooling are the three main elements contributing to the energy consumption in residential, commercial, and public buildings all around the world. Their separate generation causes higher fuel consumption, at a time where energy demands and fuel costs are continuously rising. A tri-generation system can be a cushion against these increasing energy costs which enable harnessing of the excess heat, steam and other gases, significantly improving the overall efficiency of energy use in electric power generation.

Storm Windows - Home Energy Efficiency - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring Devices

They’re nothing but windows equipped on top of actual windows to boost a home’s energy efficiency and in fact a cheaper way to save your energy bills.

To the Planet & your Wallet - Save Energy - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring Devices

Of Course it is the most obvious and immediate reason, but certainly not the only reason. It’s much more than saving money, both at home and in the business world.

Energy Efficiency Label and Energy Savings - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring Devices

Consumers purchase choices are necessary to successfully reach the energy-efficiency goals. Establishing energy labels on products is often considered an able way of entrusting consumers to make informed purchase decisions. The effectiveness depends on consumers use and analysis of the information provided.

Intelligent Efficiency - Energy Efficiency in Industries - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring Devices

Your grandparents saved energy by telling you to turn off the lights or put on a sweater rather than turning ON the heaters. Now times have changed beyond what they possibly ever imagined. Technology is making it possible to do so much more. It gives us Intelligent Efficiency, now moving faster than ever, reshaping the way we think about energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Gap - What Causes this Gap - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring Devices

Energy efficiency takes notice as a key resource for economic and social development across all layoffs. Many Energy efficiency actions are widely advised as a means of both saving money and cost effectively reducing areas associated with energy use. Yet in practice, they are little accepted and the performance of which is never fully revealed to the buyer, which can cause under-investment in energy efficiency. This paradox is commonly referred to as the energy efficiency gap i.e. persisting gap between the optimum energy efficiency and the actual energy efficiency.

Internet of Energy (IoE) - Power Monitoring - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring Devices

The diction ‘IoE’ may be on-trend at the juncture, but this is a rising market. Internet of Energy is the utilization of Internet of Things (IoT) technology into rationed energy entities to boost the efficiency of energy framework and reduce wastage. Its purpose is to optimize the efficiency in the generation, transmission, and usage of electricity

Smart Power Strip Saving Electricity - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring Devices

If you want to lower your expenses, electricity use is a fair place to start. The Smart Strip power strip, an energy-saving, high-powered surge protector, is a good hunch for those who want to reduce their energy bills

Using Edge Analytics - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring Devices

Apart from rampant conception of sensors, the more of industrial internet of things data collected is never analyzed. Many existing iOT platform solutions are slow, expensive and a drain on resources which makes analyzing the rest tangled. The only benefit of this data will come from analysis.

Tips For Energy Monitoring – Monitoring & Understanding Energy Utilization

Commercial entities and manufacturers can minimize energy costs is by carefully monitoring and understanding their energy utilization

IoT in India - Where are we headed? - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring Devices

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of speculation about the Internet of Things, and how it could change our future. Yet, not many people know what it is and how it could affect our day to day living. The Internet of Things is an inter-connected network of objects that enables them to send, receive and exchange data without any human interference. To give you an example, imagine you are coming back home on a hot sunny day. With the help of your mobile phone, you send a command to turn your Air Conditioner on so the room is cool by the time you reach.  IoT is a world in which appliances use built in sensors which allow the device to connect to a network so that it can receive and transmit information with ease. This particular concept has the potential to transform the way we live, the way we think, and how we perform.

Virgo Polymers saves Rs. 1,22,400 on Energy Bills - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring Devices

Virgo Polymers (India) Ltd wanted to explore energy efficiency possibilities in order to save energy cost. Based in Chennai, Virgo Polymer, a manufacturing plant working in Polypropylene Woven Sack industry for over two decades, cater to the bulk packaging needs of various Industries pan India as well as, tranships to 10 countries in 4 continents across the globe.

Who is Energyly? - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring Devices

At the time you are concerned of growing your business, your product, customer and employee satisfaction; you are caring less about how much you spend on the lightings, air conditioning, refrigeration, equipment maintenance etc. Though these basic amenities could make you feel they are indispensable, it’s high time you realize that significant savings can be made from efficiently handling energy consumption.

Energy Efficiency: Where does India stand? - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring Devices

The big challenge in energy conservation is awareness; even bigger is acceptance. But the latest development on the importance of energy cost has caught the attention of the manufacturers and processors. Though the famous ‘Make in India’ might have failed to boost manufacturing but it seems to have certainly shed some light into the cost of productions.

Marching towards an Energy efficient India! - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring Devices

India is marching towards the goal of "developed nation" status. By 2022, around 60 to 70% of the industries are expected to connect via smart meters.

Right way to read your electricity Bill - Power Saving - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring Devices

Reduce your electricity bill by installing smart meter and understand its working.These meters will help you to know the exact Electricity consumption.

Energy Efficiency in Restaurants - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring Devices

Find the First and foremost step towards energy efficiency in restaurants to reduce energy use without compromising the high quality of services.

Industry 4.0 and Energy Efficiency - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring Devices

With IoT being the backbone of industry 4.0, it is now easy to enable the industries for making data-driven decisions.Read on to know more !!

Things to Remember when - Implementing a new Energy Management System - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring Devices

If your goal is cost-cutting or energy saving and if your industry is commercial or retail – Energyly has a solution for you! Click here to know more !!

Appreciating your Business - Blog Energyly - Energy Monitoring Devices

“Energyly’s IoT based Real-Time Energy Efficiency solutions” are real game changers in the market. Click here to know how it helps to reduce power bills !!