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20 Fun activities to do at the beach – To make your beach holiday a perfect one

Beaches are never far away when planning summer holidays; they facilitate you to enjoy the season as best you can. If you are planning one for yourself, read through this list of activities.


Treasure hunts

A treasure hunt is a fun game you can play with your friends. Hide objects all over the beach and give them cards with hints written on them.



This is another fun activity you can do at the beach. Whether you are touring with adults or kids, they all can be part of the sandcastle building activity.


Working out

You can also make this an opportunity to do a bit of exercising. The beach is the best place for your workouts.



Lay your yoga mat on the beach, plug in your headset, play some soothing music and do some yoga.



The beach is also the best place for you to read your favourite book; couple your reading session with a cold drink: if you are lodged at one of Mahe island hotels; for example, a place like Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino, you can get yourself a glass of fresh coconut water.


Fly a kite

Another fun activity you can enjoy is flying kites. Kids and adults enjoy the activity equally.


Lounge in the sun

There's no better place for you to work on your tan than the beach. Put on some sun lotion and lounge on the beach enjoying the sun rays.


Board games

Play some board games like backgammon, chess, snakes and ladder with your friends.


Barbeque parties

This goes without saying; having a barbeque party is a must-do on your beach holiday. Delicious barbecued meat coupled with cold drinks in the view of the sun and sea is everything you need on holiday.


Learn some new sports

While you are at the beach, try out activities like kite surfing, surfing, sailing and hoverboarding.



This is the ultimate beach activity. You must do some swimming for a complete beach day.


Truth or Dare

If you are with friends, you can enjoy a game of Truth or Dare.


Beach volleyball

You don't have to be an expert to play beach volleyball. Find yourself a ball and kick it around with your friends.


A Limbo Dance

It's time to put your shyness away. You can have a limbo dance competition with your friends and let your dance moves impress them.


Try watersports

There's a range of watersports you can try if you are at the beach. Snorkelling, diving and sailing are a few you can try.



Shells are a fantastic part of beaches. While you are at the beach, gather as many shells as possible, you can add them to your collection of memorabilia.


Sand bakery

You kids will definitely enjoy this. Find yourself some sand moulds and start making sand cakes, you have seashells to decorate the cakes.


Take pictures

In order to be able to cherish your memories better, take your camera with you and click away to your heart's content.


Have a picnic

Although most popular beaches are strewn with food vendors, it would be better if you could bring your own food and have a picnic. If you have a group accompanying you, you can make them bring their own choice of food.


A bonfire party

Bonfires are tremendous fun. Light up a nice fire on a cold night and gather around and enjoy some conversation while listening to some good music.

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