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Agile Marketing Resource

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MailChimp Email Marketing Blog - Behind the Scenes: How We Do Our Own Email Marketing at MailChimp

Last month, we sent an email announcement to customers about our new SMS app Gather. I guess you could call it "email marketing," though we rarely think of it that way (we just call it "talking to customers"). But the marketing team put it together, with some help from our mobile team, and a bajillion annoying edits from me.

Marketing Strategy: Every battle is won before it is fought

The unicist approach to manage the competitive triangle in business provides the information to define the possibilities of accessing a new market or specifically a new customer or client. The ontogenetic map of the competitive triangle has been designed to define the fundamentals to expand the boundaries of the commercial operation of a business.

What Agile Marketing Means for PR

Adopting agile marketing is a lot like throwing rocks into a pond: it makes a huge splash but the rock also creates far reaching ripples that end up effecting things outside the initial scope. The same can be said about agile marketing, sure there's the intended change but other departments outside marketing are affected.

The Outcome of Social Business: An Adaptive Organization | SideraWorks

I've made no bones about my struggles with the term "social business". But we use it here at SideraWorks because, well, people have adopted it. One problem, though, is that mainstream adoption of any terminology gives rise to lots of confusion about what it means.

Agile Marketing and the Product Owner | On Product Management

Much has been written about the role of the Product Owner and their role in working with Agile Development teams. But what about the role of the Product Owner in working with Agile Marketing teams? Does he have the same role and responsibilities?

Agile Marketing Resource " Agile marketing is a methodology for enabling marketing adaptation

I hate to be pedantic, but it seems to me that process and method are two related, but fundamentally different things. Process is a series of actions or steps taken to achieve an end. Method is a particular procedure for accomplishing or approaching the actions or steps of a process.

Agile Marketing Resource " Agile marketing for the product manager

Most of the agile marketing discussions I've seen on blogs and elsewhere on the web focus on the use of agile methods for producing advertising, content marketing, social media programs and other types of marketing communications. That's all well and good of course, but there is much more to marketing than just marketing communications.

Agile Marketing Resource " Agile Marketing as a search trend: still in its infancy

I just used Google Trends to check on the rising popularity of Agile Marketing as a search term and the results are quite interesting as you can see below. Obviously currency is on the rise, with the term coming out of nowhere back in 2007.

Why Agile Marketing Can No Longer Be Ignored - Hannon Hill Corp.

"Marketing has fundamentally changed. I'm not talking about today compared to 10 years ago; everybody can see that. Rather, marketing is in a constant state of flux these days. It's different today than it was 12 months ago. What works today might not work tomorrow.

People Trump Process - Agile Marketing

Sometimes it seems like Agile is all about the process: Scrum or Kanban or some ad hoc mixture of both. Particularly when you're first learning about Agile, you can be intrigued or overwhelmed by the vocabulary related to process: sprints, ceremonies, sprint planning, sprint review, sprint retrospective, daily scrum, burndown charts, user stories, points.

Making Connection Between Agile Business Intelligence, Agile Marketing - Enterprise Apps Today

June 26, 2012 By How should business intelligence play into such an agile marketing process? Agile business intelligence should meet three needs: Ability to access social media data. In promotional marketing, agile marketers need their own access to business intelligence for their own purposes, and specifically to access social media data.

Roundup: Agile Marketing Manifestos | Travis Arnold

I've been reading through various agile marketing manifestos in preparation for SprintZero, the first conference for agile marketing practitioners with the goal being to compile the values and principles that will serve as the initial framework of agile marketing. After reading through them all I came up with a simple breakdown that I feel embodies what Agile Marketing is all about.

How to put agile marketing into practice -

The movement toward agile marketing is accelerating as companies are attracted by the benefits of speed, efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation with less risk. How do you put it into practice? Start with social media and content marketing. They provide some of the most practical and actionable entry points and data sources for successfully embedding an agile marketing approach into your organization.


Today's Top News, Posts and Opinion on Agile, Lean and Adaptive Marketing [Page 1]

Three Ways Agile Marketing Can Use Business Intelligence - Enterprise Apps Today

August 27, 2012 By Thus, agile marketing should use Big Data analytics tools based on a company Big-Data-incorporating infrastructure, so that customer data on the Web can be combined with existing proprietary customer data. And the BI tool should have extensive "cleansing" capabilities, so that the customer data the agile marketer "learns" is truly "validated."

Social Business Takes More Than Clever Marketing | SideraWorks

It's happening everywhere. A business sends out a clever tweet or a witty repost on their Facebook page in the midst of a big event, and everyone is clamoring to laud how "social" they are, how much they "get it", how they're such an amazing example of a "social business".

How to Run an Agile Marketing Sprint Planning Session

Agile Marketing teams that are using Scrum begin the Sprint process with an Agile Marketing Sprint Planning session. Sprint Planning, one of the four key "ceremonies" of Scrum (the others are the Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective and the daily Scrum), establishes the baseline assumptions of the company's approach to the market, the goals of the Sprint, and the list of activities which the marketing team will do to reach those goals.

Everything is marketing, everyone must be agile - Chief Marketing Technologist

Momentarily, I'll be delivering the closing keynote at Agile Day hosted by Valtech in Paris, talking about customer experience, agile marketing, and marketing technology - and how they're all entwined into the new competitive landscape of business. (Agile. Marketing technology. And Paris. I may have found paradise.)

Agile Marketing Series: What is Agile Marketing?

So What Is Agile Marketing? It's not that complicated. Agile marketing means taking small steps and not being afraid to fail. It also means never failing the same way twice. Very practically, it's about putting a time box around a specific set of work and keep an orderly cadence to new work being produced by your team.

4 Common Agile Marketing Mistakes

It's interesting to watch how quickly agile marketing has grown in popularity. While the results of agile marketing are impressive, the key to unlock its true potential is both through proper implementation. However agile marketing is a new concept for most marketers, and learning on the go is difficult and never fun.

Marketers Confer To Create Own Agile Manifesto

In February 2001, a group of software developers met in Utah to discuss alternative approaches to software development. They came up with the Agile Manifesto, a set of values and principles that have since been widely adopted in the industry.

The making of the agile marketing manifesto

On Monday, we held the first ever gathering of Agile Marketers at an event called SprintZero. There have been a number of wonderful summaries and recaps of the event ( here, here and here). For whatever reason, I needed a couple of days to allow my own thoughts to crystalize.

AGILE MARKETING: why marketers love it? | Agile UX

Posted by jc-Qualitystreet on 2010/12/23 ... Because their goal is to create the maximum value for the customer or prospect, as quickly and efficiently as possible; ... Because the Agile and Lean approach is the best way to deliver the right message at the right time to the right person.

The single most valuable marketing capability today - Chief Marketing Technologist

The following is a foreword I wrote for a new Agile Marketing white paper produced by Valtech. We're privileged to live in the most exciting time in the history of marketing. While every profession has been impacted by the explosion of ubiquitous computing and connectivity in the digital age, the impact on marketing has undoubtedly...

Stop Writing Marketing Plans - Agile Marketing

If you ever took an Introduction to Marketing course, you were probably asked to write a marketing plan. The promise of the maketing plan is seductive: if you tick off all of the compulsories - executive summary, situation analysis, SWOT analysis of your competition, objectives and goals, the Four P's, implementation strategy and measurement - you will generate a guide to marketing success for the next six to twelve months.