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Vegan Culinary Cruise

Emphasizing Complete Nutrition and Holistic Well-being in Veganism

These are the common adjectives that you hear when veganism is talked about. Since its inception, the said diet has improved many lives - giving people better self outlook, lifestyle, and even psychological balance. Vegan foods are considered as great natural sources of vitamins and minerals needed for bodily functioning.

#TravelTuesday 7: The Spirit of Travel | Vegan Culinary Cruise

Vegan Culinary Cruises celebrates the wonders of the world every Tuesday. How do we do that? With our weekly #TravelTuesday blog posts, of course!

Vegan Gingerbread Snowflakes - Vegan Culinary Cruises - Medium

As a vegan, have you already thought of the holiday treats that you will prepare this Christmas eve? If you still don’t have any cool holiday vegan cuisine in mind, here’s a recipe that will surely be a star on your Yuletide celebration.

Ways Why Veganism Can Be Inclusively Fun

Customizing your food is a creative process where you highlight your preferences and personal needs. Veganism, on the same hand, also makes sure that food becomes personalized. Going away from the gatekeeper’s view of veganism, the core of the movement is inclusivity where the appreciation should come organically rather than condemning those who don’t prefer the lifestyle or pressuring those who are still in the process of transition.

Buoyantly Explore the Sea Through a Vegan Cruise

The rising need for vegan vacations has changed significantly on how travel industries operate. Since then, the demand for a specific vegan travel was incorporated into different aspects of accommodations – from restaurant menus to people management. If you are thinking of the usual land adventure, there is something better that is in store for you.

Veggies In Season This February

When preparing your vegan dishes, do you use the produce in season? If your answer is a no, you better start rethinking your process in food preparation.

3 Tips on How to Be a Healthy Vegan – Vegan Culinary Cruises & Travels

Sure, you can be a vegan, eat non-meat food, go on culinary cruises -- but that doesn’t assure you that you’re eating healthily or consuming sufficient nutrients to keep your system in tip-top shape.  Apparently, you can’t be healthy by being vegan alone. A lazy plant-based diet, for instance, can cause your system to crash…

Vegan Culinary Cruises: 3 Easy Vegan Snacks You Should Try

Tired of the usual ‘fruit-and-almond milk’ combo? When there’s nothing else on the ‘mental menu’ you have according to the vegan snacks you know how to make, it’s easier to pick something less nutritious (like oreo. It’s vegan anyway, right?).

#TravelTuesday 6: Beneath a Big Blue Sky

Tuesdays come and go, but with Vegan Culinary Cruises we make the second day of every working week special with our #TravelTuesday posts!

Unique Cuisine of Provence, France | Vegan Culinary Cruise

The region of Provence in Southern France has many unique dishes, some of which are vegan cuisine icons. Here are a few unique foods from this colorful French region.

#FoodFriday 12: Vegan Holiday Feast | Vegan Culinary Cruise

Christmas Day has come and gone, but before the new year begins, let’s celebrate the festive wonder of vegan food for the holidays! This week, Our #FoodFriday blog presents our top 5 vegan food photo picks, our final choices of 2019. We’ve chosen great vegan holiday dishes prepared by the foodies of Instagram, from plant-based cakes to vegetable wellingtons.

#FoodFriday 12: Vegan Holiday Feast | Vegan Culinary Cruise

Christmas Day has come and gone, but before the new year begins, let’s celebrate the festive wonder of vegan food for the holidays! This week, Our #FoodFriday blog presents our top 5 vegan food photo picks, our final choices of 2019. We’ve chosen great vegan holiday dishes prepared by the foodies of Instagram, from plant-based cakes to vegetable wellingtons.

Healthy Vegan Desserts – Vegan Culinary Cruises & Travels

WE ALL LOVE DESSERTS! The cherry on top of every meal. For some, desserts seem to be too much due to its reputation of having too much sugar and calories. So to make sure that everyone enjoys the goodness of a good old dessert after every meal, here are vegan cuisine sweets that you’ll surely love to eat every day.

The Ultimate Vegan Keto Diet Guide by Vegan Culinary Cruises

Vegan diets are primarily composed of food excluding animal meat and its bi-products, such as milk, honey, eggs, and dairy. The keto diet, on the other hand, is a high-fat diet with moderate protein a...

#TravelTuesday 12: Holiday Destinations | Vegan Culinary Cruise

Christmas is upon us! Preheat your ovens and prepare your vegan recipes, because it’s a time to celebrate! With the holiday cheer in the air, celebrate the season of giving with us on this #TravelTuesday blog. Each week, we delve deep into the image galleries of Instagram to select the 5 best travel photos that the great travelers of IG have to offer. For this week, we’ve chosen photos that look like great holiday destinations, from forested locations to winter wonderlands.

Vegan Culinary Cruises: The Art of Eating: 3 Ways to Eat Tomato

It’s that time of the year to reap the efforts you did this year to maintain your kitchen garden. There are a lot of ways to make use of tomato (aside from using it to make pizza or pasta sauce). Among others, tomato is considered to be a staple ingredient in many vegan dishes.

#FoodFriday 11: A Joyful Green Creation | Vegan Culinary Cruise

Greetings, all you vegan and vegan-curious food enthusiasts! Today is Friday, the day that Vegan Culinary Cruises celebrates the beauty of #vegan cuisine! Each week, our #FoodFriday blog selects 5 delicious-looking vegan dishes from Instagram, all for your viewing pleasure. This week’s selection is an all-green visual buffet, from delicious pad Thai to scrumptious flautas.

Europe is home to many delicious traditional cuisine, some of which are vegan. Click here to check out 3 great Vegan European dishes.

Summer is an amazing time to travel and kosher touring, especially if you ask the kids. After years of being cooped up inside due to the pandemic, everybody’s preparing to get outside and enjoy some fun under the sun.

Kosher vacation travelers often have limited options when it comes to finding kosher-friendly accommodation and food, especially if they’re looking for something more upscale.

Traveling to Salamanca Through the Douro River | Kosher River Cruise

On the second day of our Douro expedition, we at Kosher River Cruises enjoyed the amenities of our leisure riverboat. As we journeyed across the gorgeous expanse of the Douro Valley and its magnificent waterway, we also enriched ourselves with historic onboard lectures and kosher cooking classes. The luxury of a kosher holiday cruise is always delightful, but we also like learning new things while exploring the world.

Visiting the Crypto-Jews of Belmonte | Kosher River Cruise

Our Douro kosher river cruises required a lot of advance research. As discufssed in our Day 4 Douro travel video, we had to drive through parts of Portugal to learn more about locales that we would be visiting. One of our Douro Cruise destinations was an inland municipality, called Belmonte. This is the home of the Crypto-Jews of Portugal..

Returning to Porto on our Jewish Heritage Tours | Kosher River Cruise

Our Jewish travels along the Douro eventually returned to Porto, where we began our expedition. As we have said before, Porto is a place brimming with Jewish heritage, a Sephardic legacy that persisted in the face of tribulation and forced conversion. The port city is a wonderful place of tall buildings and corridor-like streets, where each turn of the corner feels like a step further into the past.

Mythology, mysticism and other complex historical intricacies are found all over the world. From ancient Greek beliefs, Gods, Goddesses and beings to powerful figures and mystical texts and guides, history has much to offer. Forms of mysticism can be seen in some religions, including Judaism. Jewish mysticism is also known as Kabbalah.