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Everyday our team scours the web and shares the biggest advancements in medical device industry with you.


How to hire a Clinical Evaluation Report writer for your Medical Device

A quick guide to choosing a Clinical Evaluation Report writer for your medical device. Read up on top skills you should look for in a CER writer.

8 Medical Device Innovations You Should Know About

Ranging from 3D-printed human tissues to electronic tattoos, here are some of the top medical device innovations in the healthcare industry.

Medical Device Regulatory Compliance: FDA vs EU MDR

Medical device regulatory compliance is significantly different in the US and Europe. Here's a comparison of the FDA and the EU MDR.

Top Medical Research Conferences To Attend in 2020 - The Kolabtree Blog

From immunotherapy to obstetrics and gynaecology, medical research conferences 2020 focus on a wide range of topics. Get the list here.

Six ways biostatistics is transforming healthcare

Biostatistics enables healthcare professionals to take data-driven decisions and deliver effective evidence-based healthcare.

How Freelance Statisticians Can Improve Research - The Kolabtree Blog

The role of freelance statisticians in research is paramount: they help design clinical trials, conduct surveys, verify research results and minimize errors in research studies.

What is a Clinical Evaluation Report? - The Kolabtree Blog

A clinical evaluation report (CER) is a document required by all medical devices that want to sell in Europe. Here's a quick guide.

COVID-19: Addressing Coronavirus Myths & Preventive Measures

A qualified medical researcher provides an introduction to human coronaviruses and answers some of the COVID-19 coronavirus myths.

How to Hire Freelance Content Writers in Biotech/Pharma Organizations

Working with freelance content writers who specialize in biotechnology or related scientific disciplines can be rewarding investment.

Clinical Evaluation for EU MDR Compliance: 5 Dos and Don’ts

A comprehensive checklist of best practices and common mistakes to avoid while conducting clinical evaluation for EU MDR compliance.

Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, and Healthcare - Kolabtree

Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, and Healthcare

How can you improve your chances of getting FDA approval?

How to get FDA approval for your new drug: Top tips from FDA regulations expert and Kolabtree freelancer Dr. Harneet Arora.

How to hire a freelance DNA sequencing data analyst - The Kolabtree Blog

A freelance DNA sequencing data analyst can help you analyze, interpret and validate your sequencing data to refine and improve your research.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Conducting a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Conducting a systematic review and meta-analysis is crucial for high-quality research as it helps build robust, reliable studies. Here's an expert guide.

How to hire a freelance biostatistician quickly & easily - The Kolabtree Blog

How to hire a top freelance biostatistician for your project, including a list of the right questions to ask and how much it might cost.

Remote Working in the Time of Coronavirus - The Kolabtree Blog

Why the Coronavirus outbreak is offices worldwide to consider remote working or work-from-home options for their employees.

How to Hire a Freelance Scientific Writer - The Kolabtree Blog

A freelance scientific writer can help businesses and organizations develop authoritative and reliable technical documents. Here’s how to hire the best-suited freelancer for your project.