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Updated by Veronica Folsome on Feb 08, 2020
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Third graders literacy Improvement

This excellent list is for third graders who are struggling to read. Third Graders Literacy Improvement list will provide links to help with phonics, comprehension, and plagiarism. This list will also provide literacy games for third graders to improve their literacy skills.

Copyright & Plagiarism for Kids

In this Youtube video they show third graders how to effectively cite information. Moreover, it explains what the meaning of what copyright is. In addition, this particular video shows where the students need to give credit in a paper. In the Y for readers program I will show this video for the Book Trailer project that the students will have to present to the entire class at the end of the Y for Readers program.

Multimedia Software by Movavi | Multimedia Programs for Windows

Movavi is an video - editor that have several features to make an video. One of the features is an audio component that will allow students to record through this video -editor. Moreover, students can conduct different animations in their videos with this particular video editor. The teachers for the Y for ready program will present Movavi to the third graders by presenting an example to all students in the Y for readers program.

In small groups reading tutors can click on the icon title context clues in Brain Pop. This will explain how students can look for context clues when they come to a word they may not know. Moreover, Brain pop have vocabulary worksheets, and games to increase student context skills.

Clifford . Adventure Stories | PBS KIDS

Y for Readers program will have a game title Clifford The Big Red Dog adventure stories from PBS kids. This will help third graders who are reading on a lower level to listen to the story told by Elizabeth and Clifford. Moreover, students will be able to build context clues as the story is told. PBS kids also have videos and games for the students.

ABCYA is a game titled Alphabet Bubble. In this particular game students will have to pop bubbles to match letters with words that start with the correct letter sound. If a match is successful then children will be able to see a picture of the world. This game will be implemented as independent learning when students break up in centers.

I will present Story Line Online and The Hula Hoopin Queen read by Oprah Winfrey to the entire class. Hula Hoopin Queen is the book that students will conduct their Book Trailer. Students will listen to Hula Hoopin Queen once a week for students to become familiar with the book. In addition, students can explore Storyline online to listen to other stories that are read online.

Picture Match - ReadWriteThink

In Picture Match this game will allow students to practice identifying the beginning letter , short letter, and long letter vowel sounds through a game. Students in the Y for Readers program will be able to play this game when the class split for small group sessions.

Starfall: Learn to Read with Phonics, Learn Mathematics

Star Fall is an website that helps students build sentences by hearing the sound of letters and what is the meaning of the word. Students will have to place the word in the correct box. Star fall will be incorporated in the small group activities for Y for Readers.

ABC Phonics Song | ABC Songs for Children & Nursery Rhymes | All Babies Channel

ABC phonics song is a comprehension song that helps students recognize the sounds of letters. This is a song that will be presented before class everyday to help Third graders with Phonics.

Learn to Read | Phonics for Kids | Writing Made Easy

Alpha blocks is a cartoon show that helps with phonics and the sounds of letters. Students for free time will have an opportunity to watch Alpha blocks to build words and hear the sound of letters.

Alphabet Song | ABC Song | Phonics Song

Alphabet song will be presented after class everyday. This alphabet song helps with the recognition of the sound of letters and what letters and vowels are in the Alphabet