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The Very Best Blog Posts I Found In Week 12 2013

Every week I curate a list of the best blog posts I read and publish it on my blog:
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How to Turn Your WordPress Blog Dark For Earth Hour

Categories: Blog, How To Social Media tips, Social Media, Social Media Tips and Tricks Every Year during Earth Hour (Saturday March 23, 2013 8:30pm) people all over the world turn off their lights and as much electricity as they can to set a signal to their neighbors that they care about the environment and energy conservation.

Newest Changes To Facebook Cover Images

When Facebook introduced their "Timeline" user interface they gifted us a wonderful branding opportunity. The big cover image on top or your Facebook Page is prime real-estate for views. (I found a good post about where people look by ANNIE NGUYEN) At first Facebook set strict guidelines on what can go into a cover image.

Three Facebook Features To Watch In 2013

There are only three Facebook features to watch...? No. There has always been something working under the hood in Facebook features history! But here we will discuss the "Big Three." Facebook Graph Search As of this date, Facebook Graph Search is still being rolled out to all users. Not everyone has access.

Social Media Management: Do This, Not That - InNetwork

Over 67% of adults use social networking sites. That number is quickly increasing with the rise of new applications which appeal to a greater number of people who are looking to find, share & connect with different audiences. For example, home makers are tuning into Pinterest for decor ideas from decorators outside their Facebook community.

Human Social Media - Because Software Is Not Social " Marketers.BlogNotions - Thoughts from Industry Experts

Posted by Dana VanDen Heuvel, March 19, 2013 We hear all the time how social media allows us to put a human face on our business, but I'd venture to say that many brands are stuck on what that really means to their organization.

You Are What You Like on Facebook [Weekly Facebook Tips]

Did you ever wonder what your Facebook Likes reveal about you? A team of researchers from the UK figured it out for you. To demonstrate their results, they offer a free one click personality test based purely on your Facebook Likes. The results potentially reveal whether you're neurotic, conservative, male or female, use drugs, or [...]

What's in Your Toolbox?

Maybe it's the result of our tech-focused society, but it seems we're always looking for new apps, sites or software programs to help us operate in more efficient and effective ways. This posts reviews some of the tools from a presentation I attended on 50 helpful websites in 50 minutes.

Social Media Automation Gone Bad

Automating aspects of your social media can be useful. There's only so many hours in the day, so automating aspects of your social media routine can help. I, myself, use a variety of tools for aspe...

Happy 7th birthday, Twitter! Here are 7 of your biggest moments so far

@jack The tweet that started it all. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey posted the site's very first message on March 21, 2006. SAN FRANCISCO -- In seven short years, Twitter, the microblogging site that limits messages to 140 characters, has left its mark on the world in a big way.

Gandalf to officiate at Captain Picard's wedding

Nerd bells are ringing. Ian McKellen's latest geek dream role will be as officiant at buddy Patrick Stewart's wedding. (Credit: The Hobbit/Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET) Few actors have gathered as much geek street cred as Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, with credits for "Star Trek," "The Lord of the Rings," and "X-Men" between them.