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5 Outsourcing Services Myths Debunked - Sphinx WorldBiz Limited

Outsourcing services are a common practice for many industries and has been majorly lucrative for IT, manufacturing and service industry. Outsourcing manpower from another country is helpful in more than many ways. Asian countries like Indian and China are chart-toppers on the list of best countries for outsourcing manpower for both IT and manufacturing services.

Artificial Intelligence Services to Pull Employment Trigger in 2020

Artificial Intelligence services have ably modified the way industries used to function. From managing trade, build great products, managing surveillance to customer interaction and care, the technology is evolving rapidly even though it’s still in its native state of Narrow AI. Even then it unleashes the possibilities which seemed impossible once.

Why IT Outsourcing Fails and How to Avoid its Pitfalls

Cloud based service provider start-ups like Slack and StudyTube have risen by IT outsourcing services and in fact, managed to inspire folks globally.

Tips to Find the Affordable IT Managed Services Providers

Sure, the right managed service provides unbeatable competence but the real struggle lies in choosing the right yet affordable IT managed services providers. Companies of all sizes

Reasons to Outsource Mobile app Development - Sphinx WorldBiz Limited

Outsourcing mobile application development services to expert developers is a sensible option, therefore. The infographic holds a series of information, and statistics of outsourcing of mobile app development services benefits for organisations.

Big Data Facts for 2020 and its Future Trends- Part 1 - Sphinx WorldBiz Limited

Big Data has matured as a technology since the time it was first introduced and was brought in action by the developers. Big Data has elevated to a stage where the technology has turned into a phenomenon and has started generating a considerable amount of revenue.

Big Brands Have Used Big Data Analytics Services and How - Sphinx WorldBiz Limited

Big Data services are being provided to carry out the process of gathering, categorizing, and converting the huge sets of meaningless data into meaningful insights benefitting businesses with data-driven strategies. Big data also helps in unveiling the hidden patterns, correlations, consumer behavior, and market trends. Today, organizations have realized the importance of big data service and how it can turn a lead into revenue generating business.

5 Companies that are Killing it with their Digital Transformation Consulting Services

The world is becoming faster than ever due to digital technologies and it has become complex to evaluate what will work and what won’t.

Outsource Development — 5 Staggering Software Development Trends of 2020

If you provide software product engineering services, then
here is a blog to inform you about the software development trends of 2020.
With the high-paced market, it has become important to cope up and adapt all
the changes that are converting into trends. With time, software development
has become an integral part of nearly every sector of the world. Here are the
top trends that will affect software development industry in the coming years:

5 Amazing Comparisons Between Data Analytics and BI Services

Data analytics and Business Intelligence often work together and hence, many think they both are the same. Differentiate between Data Analytics and BI, described in the simplest ways.

2020's Top 5 Tech Trends for Product Engineering Services Providers - Sphinx WorldBiz Limited

The demand for product engineering services providers in India and abroad is nothing new. Here are some of the brightest trends in the field of software development that are expected to dominate 2020.

6 Steps of Software Application Development and Maintenance Process - Sphinx WorldBiz Limited

Application development is a lengthy and tedious process that requires long hours dedicated to the work along with team management. It needs constant approvals, error rectifications and improvements in compliance with the client. Organisations offering application development services and software development services often follow the agile methodology which is scrum-based. The infographic in discussions jots down the 6 main steps involved in the application or software development process from the beginning until the end of the product deployment, its execution, and its regular maintenance. The first step being requirement gathering and understanding to the next part of product design which entails database modelling to designing and prototyping leading to the next phase of development and implementation. Testing is the next major and a critical phase that can not be ignored. Deployment and further maintenance are the two phases that are essential for a holistic application and software development process. These are the prerequisites and service providers and resource providers like Sphinx Worldbiz always ensure to miss no step while moving ahead in the process cycle.   

Indian Engineers Join Hands to Save Lives by Developing Low-cost Ventilator for COVID-19 Through Crowdfunding - Sphin...

Sphinx Worldbiz Ltd have collaborated with engineers at TimeTooth Technologies who are resolute to build low-cost, quick-building mechanical ventilators.

GoodFirms Ranks Sphinx Worldbiz as a Top Software Development Company

GoodFirms, a USA based B2B Research and Reviews Company has listed Sphinx Worldbiz Limited as a Top Software Development Company on their leader-board.

Incorporating AI’s Potential in Medical Equipment to Make Healthcare Coronavirus Proof - Sphinx WorldBiz Limited

Artificial Intelligence or AI services are already being used for distant screening and automated ventilators. The AI-powered non-contact sensor system can scan multiple people at a time with COVID-19 symptoms.

How Big Data and Analytics Help in the Fight against COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has sky-rocketed the demand for big data services to track the fast spread of the virus and its preventions and cures. IT companies across the world are tracking million people’s locations using mobile and internet. This will also help in knowing whether social distancing or worldwide lockdown is working. Big data is…

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With the rising numbers of people falling prey to the deadly Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), it has become imperative to prevent any more people getting affected. The Governments and Healthcare authorities across the world are concerned about the prevention and control of the disease. Sincere research is going on around the world to stop the mayhem for good.

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With the rising numbers of people falling prey to the deadly Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), it has become imperative to prevent any more people getting affected. The Governments and Healthcare authorities across the world are concerned about the prevention and control of the disease. Sincere research is going on around the world to stop the mayhem for good.

Data Science and Analytics Might Just be the Tools to Hurl COVID-19 Demolition - Sphinx WorldBiz Limited

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred the need for big data to track the outspread of the rapid-moving pathogen and unveil disease prevention and cures.

Leading Companies and Their Big Data Strategies - Video Blog

The term big data has evolved and taken different forms in the last decade. The video shares the value points of big companies and their big data strategies which has allowed them to add many valuable feathers to their hat.

Amidst COVID-19 and Quarantine Only Digital Transformation will be a Winner

Digital Transformation Services: In the wake of this Coronavirus pandemic, companies now have realised the importance of the fast-tracking digital transformation.

Blockchain Development Services Company in India, Germany, UK, Australia

Sphinx WorldBiz provides custom Blockchain development services and solution across all sectors in Germany, UK, Europe, Australia and US. Outsource top Blockchain Developers for your business.

Why Top Managed IT Services in India is the First Choice?

Managed IT services have seen a stagnant growth across different verticals, with reportedly 64% of companies using managed IT services of some type or another in 2016. The same report forecasted the market growth rate of 12.5 percent between the years 2017 and 2020, driving this valuable asset all the more compatible and reliable across the board.

Business Intelligence Stats: 2020 Trends, Data, and Market Forecast - Sphinx WorldBiz Limited

Be it a big or small company, Business Intelligence solutions have become an indispensable asset for more inclusive and IT-enabled processes. Since, its inception in the early 1990s, technology has evolved in every bit enabling extrapolate business opportunities to initiate on-the-spot decisions that upsurge revenue, productivity, and growth. In the above Infographic, discusses surging trends, data, and market forecast of the BI industry making a significant makeover in 2020 and beyond.

Application Development & Maintenance Services Offerings - Sphinx WorldBiz Limited

Application development and maintenance service have become a game-changer for organisations to attain digital ubiquity. Sphinx Worldbiz limited offers mobile application development and maintenance services compatible for companies of any size and service to help them transform end-user experience, create new revenue channels, developing business innovation, and to target potential, and existing customers, consequently. The infographic shows mobility services fall under the application development and maintenance services to achieve a 99% bug-free application. It starts with understanding the customer prerequisite and further providing application, application maintenance, production support, infrastructure management, and quality assurance.