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Importance of Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is important in digital marketing. ORM includes providing people with the right content when they search the internet about a product or company. This article discusses the importance of online reputation management.

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Importance of Online Reputation Management | FindBusy |

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is important in digital marketing. ORM includes providing people with the right content when they search the internet about a product or company. This article discusses the importance of online reputation management.

Reviews can create positive or negative perceptions among people. These views can eventually build or destroy a company or brand. Customers finding negative reviews on the internet won’t be good for any brand.

Online reputation management is carefully arranging this online image of the company.

Let us know the importance of online reputation management

Attract more business

People research the products before making final purchase decisions . Online reviews give you the possibility to know what customers are looking for. When there are positive reviews, indeed a good message is being received by the people. Importance of online reputation management is that it can change the game.

Moreover, positive reviews help to establish a brand as reliable. This can generate more sales. Companies with a higher ranking in google enjoy better sales than their competitors. Ranking achieved online can give the idea that the brand is reliable.

Importance of online reputation management
Instill customer trust and credibility

Gaining the trust of customers is vital for all businesses. When customers are having happy and satisfactory experiences, they will share it with others. People give importance to online reviews to choose or decline a brand.

Also, importance of online reputation management is that it can help a business to gain trust. Good reviews can bring new customers and retain older customers. So, the importance of online reputation management in creating credibility is very high.

Better Search engine ranking
Online reviews can influence the ranking of SEO. Business with the best online reputation has the chance to get more SEO visibility. So, its another importance of online reputation management.

Online reputation management indeed helps you to let your good side reflect more than the negative. A good business will have positive results. It will be featured with a higher ranking.

Every business needs a google business page to capture the opinions of customers. This can be done under the guidance of a good digital marketing company. It can improve their search engine ranking.

Creating a successful image
Creating a successful corporate image is very important for a company. Online reputation makes it easy for companies to create a successful or positive image. Traditional means of communication may take a lot of time to convince the customers.

Particularly, customers today are more demanding and engaging. They share their experiences with a product or brand with their fellow customers online. They review the products based on their user experience.

These customer interactions on the internet are important for the business image. Because we are not just addressing a technological change but a cultural change. Clients may leave a comment on your blog or post Facebook about their experience. Besides, sharing positive customer experience creates a successful image of the company.

Online reputation management can benefit you. No matter whatever type of business you are running. Whether it is small or a large business you can benefit from the business.

Without a doubt, companies of every size need online reputation management. To make business a success, you need to have people’s opinions and reviews. Most people go online these days to learn about a new product.

If there is a negative review of your brand, it will have bad effects on the business goals. This explains the importance of online reputation management.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs You Need To Know | FindBusy

Digital Marketing is one of those fields which is moving in a breath-taking pace. It is essential to read and update yourself with the newest strategies around. The top 10 digital marketing blogs you need to know to win the trust of your customers through digital marketing.

Spending few minutes daily reading these blogs may take you a long way forward in your business. Reading is essential to stay relevant in digital marketing. Those who don’t may fall and perish soon without seeing the success flag.

Here are the top 10 digital marketing blogs you need to know:
Marketing land :
Business is a highly competitive world. But one who keeps herself updated with the latest trends in digital marketing has the key to stand ahead in competition. Marketing land gives information about the latest features of social media applications.

Learning about tools and trends will help marketers to reach consumers online. Marketing land provides you with useful advice to enhance your business. However, the best feature of the blog is the article written by experts.

top 10 digital marketing blogs you need to know

Kissmetrics :
Kissmetrics is one of the most popular blogs used by people around the globe. More than 900 companies use the services offered by kissmetrics. It is specialised in analytics and experts in data driven marketing

They have innovative ways of representing the latest trends in digital marketing using infographics. So they evaluate the online performance of various brands using statistical data and helps them improve performance.

This is one among the top 10 digital marketing blog you need to know.


Moz blog :
Moz blog is for those who want to be an expert in SEO techniques. It provides the best platform for a learner with easy and detailed step-by-step guide. So, it is a perfect platform even for a beginner.

Moz blog keeps you updated with the latest SEO technologies. The blog details of inbound digital marketing. If you are looking forward to improving your business with SEO, then Moz blog is the right place for you.

moz blog

HubSpot :
HubSpot is one of the leading names in digital marketing. The blog is specialised in inbound marketing. But the content also includes various other information useful for marketers.

HubSpot has helped various organisations to execute their inbound marketing strategies since its launch in 2006. In fact, HubSpot brings many marketing tools under one umbrella to provide better marketing.


Convince and convert :
Convince and convert is a blog which will teach you more about digital advertising. Short and accurate articles published in the blog are insightful and informative. It will persuade you to incorporate innovative ideas and into digital marketing.

Convince and convert include various resources like a website, blog, podcast, books, and eBooks. This blog will help you to construct your own blog in a more creative way.

This one is important among the top 10 digital marketing blogs you need to know.

convince and convert

Social Media Examiner :
This US based company helps people to use the social media space in a creative way to improve business. Social Media Examiner publishes online magazines, podcasts and research for social media marketers. The blog helps you to make profit through effective social media marketing.

The blog also includes tutorials to learn social media marketing. It also publishes reports after studying social media marketing trends.

social media examiner

Buffer :
Buffer is an immensely popular digital marketing blog. The blog helps to plan, collaborate and publish meaningful content for the marketing. Buffer is a single platform for crafting marketing campaigns for various social media platforms.

Spread across 15 countries, buffer helps its customers to build their brand through effective social media marketing.

Buffer is definitely among the top 10 digital marketing blogs you need to know.


Copyblogger :
Copyblogger is a website praised by venture Beat as the bible of digital marketing. Since 2006, the blog has been instrumental in teaching effective content marketing strategies. It also provides expert training in marketing.

Copyblogger ensures valuable information that will attract traffic and enhance business through digital marketing. The blog educates people about various marketing techniques. In brief, the blog includes details of SEO, social media marketing, blogging, email marketing and conversion.


Social Samosa :
Social Samosa is a blog reporting the latest trends in social media marketing. It can be one Indian blog among the top 10 digital marketing blogs you need to know. The blog includes social media news, app reviews, interviews and in-depth case studies.

Overall, it will keep you updated with information on the latest social media trends. Tips and tricks from the blog will help you to increase your social media presence effectively. The blog can be of great help to entrepreneurs working in India.

It also has the advantage of providing various kinds of contents under the same roof.

social samosa

Findbusy :
Findbusy is one of the growing digital marketing blogs in India. It also provides expert training in various arenas of digital marketing. It provides its services to corporates and individuals who wants to learn more about digital marketing. Furthermore, findbusy give insightful assistance to beginners. The blogs cover a lot of the topics related to digital world and help you excel in various digital platforms.

Digital marketing blogs are very useful in keeping you updated with the changes of the digital world. Knowing about the latest trends in digital marketing is essential for any entrepreneur dreaming success. Digital world always leaves something for you to learn. These blogs are great resources which will help you stay on the top without the risk of falling behind. It will make you a better marketer over the course of time. These top 10 digital marketing blogs you need to know will help you here.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses | Findbusy

Now days, everyone is talking about benefits of social media marketing for small businesses. Firstly, you need to know, what is Social media marketing? SMM is a tool to promote your business on various social networking platforms. These platforms include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. This is not only a quick but also a cost effective way to promote your small business. Furthermore, if you do not have a proper social media marketing strategy, your efforts are of no use.

Thus, as a small business owner, you always look for new ways to get your business accessible to your potential customers. Following the benefits of social media marketing for small businesses we can reach conversions.

Below is the list of few benefits of social media marketing for small businesses.
1. Reasonable and cost effective:
It is almost free to promote your new business on social media networks. People love to spend their extra time in net surfing. It is their favorite hobby to visit different pages online. They like the products and share the comments. Keep one thing in mind, visit your page daily. Show your presence and post useful content. Millions of people are on social sites. They are viewing your products every day. So, it becomes easy to promote your small business. This is the one of the great benefits of social media marketing for small businesses.

  1. Public relations: Furthermore, Social media marketing is not all about writing content about your brand. Being a business owner, you have to play an active role too. Try to connect with as many people as you can on social sites. People like friendly response. They want to know more about your brand. So give them a proper feedback.

Likewise, social media is a big source of both information and fun. People ask questions related to your businesses and give suggestions. So be more active on social media and try to answer all their concerns. This strategy does wonders. Soon, you will engage a huge audience. And more people will talk about your business. This is the greatest benefits of social media marketing for small businesses.

  1. An online image or logo for your brand: Additionally you can introduce your online business page with proper logo or image. Interesting and catchy logos get the attention of people immediately. How people will get to know about your brand, if your online page does not have a professional outlook. Your Facebook or Twitter pages should have a link of your website. Similarly a logo and other necessary information should be on the social media pages. Keep your target audience updated with the latest happenings in your business. Announce different competitions. People love to take part in these activities. It keeps them intact with your brand. All these strategies work for your small business. Social media has a strong impact on people. It can promote your business quicker. Branding is the important benefits for social media marketing for small businesses.

benefits of social media marketing for small businesses

  1. 24/7 Access:
    On top of everything, people can access to social media networks 24/7. If you are promoting your new business on social media, time is not an issue. You can post the images of your products or services any time. Sharing of content, news and events is possible from any place. Moreover, customers can log into their accounts for latest information. They can easily get info about your business products and they won’t face any delay. They can also place online orders without getting conscious about time. Resultantly, social media marketing give access to your small business 24/7.

  2. Generate buzz using social media marketing:
    Small businesses cannot afford big marketing campaigns. But social media has that power to create buzz without spending much money. Social media sites have the ability to generate traffic to your small business. Most of the business owners use online videos. Make tutorials, post product reviews and interviews. Spread the videos on your social media pages to attract traffic towards your business.
    Another way is to get your name mentioned by influential social media personalities at low cost. Consequently, it will give your small business a huge push.

  3. Location based social media apps:
    Particularly, these social apps are helpful to promote your small business. You can easily focus on followers in your area. Use this tool to tempt your audience to your stores. If someone uses this app to check in to a café near your store, you can offer that person a free coupon of your product. Though, the person may not use that coupon. It will still recall her/him that your business exists. They can visit it any time.

  4. Social Media connects you with other business:
    Social media assists your small business to get more customers. But it is also quite helpful in many other ways. It can connect you with other businessmen and their products. Making of a professional profile on LinkedIn, will allow you to connect with other professionals there.

Small businesses can make more connections. It benefits them in different ways. You can also make different business deals to promote your brand. You can attract the attention of reputable companies too. They may offer you more business.

  1. Inbound Marketing: Inbound marketing means a business that you get by people finding your online presence. Blog posts are an important part of inbound marketing. This is a very useful tool to grow your small business. Therefore, it is considered as one of the biggest benefits of social media marketing for small businesses.

Most importantly when you post quality content on your website, it results in higher website traffic. People want to read about your business or brand. Why is it unique? What services do you offer? What is so special about your business? So inbound marketing answers all these questions. It also attracts customers when you promote your content with hash tags on social media. They may click to read your post regularly and become your permanent clients.

Therefore, we can say that SMM plays an important role for success of small businesses.These are some of the benefits of social media marketing for small businesses. However, social media success does not only mean that how many subscribers or followers exist online. Rather, shopper engagement also decides that which brand is popular. So, turning potential clients into viable shoppers become standard of success of a SMM strategy.

Top 7 benefits of digital marketing you must know | Findbusy

Technology has evolved over time and marketplace has become increasingly digitized. That is why, the top 7 benefits of digital marketing you must know to discuss to gain maximum benefits for online business. Digital marketing is highly beneficial for advertising your goods and services online. These days more and more consumers are buying products online and researching about them on social media and other platforms.

That is why, it is vital to devise ways to get that huge number of consumers online. That is only possible through digital marketing. According to the reports of Forbes, 82% consumers go online to research products. In addition to that, Tech Crunch has reported that 79% of consumers shop online. Digital marketing helps businesses in reaching this huge potential of consumers online. It is also important to note that digital marketing spend will rise to $332 billion by the year 2021.

This blog post mainly focuses on the benefits that marketers can achieve by employing digital marketing tactics. How it benefits small and large businesses to increase their revenues and build their brand name.

Digital marketing is the back bone of an online business and provides numerous benefits.

The following post will elaborate in detail the top 7 benefits of digital marketing you must know to boost your business.
Higher conversion rates is one of the vital benefits of digital marketing:
This is the one of the top 7 benefits of digital marketing you must know , with digital marketing you always get higher conversion rates as your audience is just a click away. You also have better chances for conversion with targeted traffic as compared to traditional marketing. You get two way conversions which include customers and leads in digital marketing. Besides that, digital marketing enables you to reach your online consumers any time by mails instead of bothering them with phone calls. Once they learn about your organization via mails and make a purchase, it generates important leads. These leads will eventually bring amazing boost in conversion rates.

Get better ROI for your investment:
Better ROI on investment is another one of the great top 7 benefits of digital marketing you must know. ROI means the return on investment that you gain by investing your capital. Digital marketing has changed the conventional methods of marketing. New marketing tools like social media and advertisement on sites are good ways to attract the attention of customers. People respond to digital marketing efforts instantly so this attitude plays an important role for better ROI. When you use digital marketing, proper measurements must be applied to check the actual ROI for your investment. This helps in actual evaluation as digital marketing strategies can be quantified easily.
Digital marketing is cost effective:**
Cost effectiveness is the most promising feature of digital marketing. Trends have changed. Technologies have evolved to a great extent. Due to this sweeping change, businesses are employing digital marketing tactics to market their brands. This is because; traditional methods are very costly as compared to DM.

A lot of hidden costs are involved in traditional marketing methods. But when we talk about digital marketing, it just needs your time and its benefits and results can be seen in the long run. Plenty of digital marketing tactics like pay –per click, SEO, content and Social Media marketing are available. Now, even small businesses can reach target audience with small budgets.

Build brand reputation and earn people’s trust:
While discussing about the top 7 benefits of digital marketing you must know that digital marketing is not only used to promote products, services and content. Besides, it is also used for winning trust of people and building the reputation of a brand. This is a two way communication between you and your customers.
If your communication is strong, it will help to earn trust of people and if people trust you then they will trust your brand too. This way, digital marketing helps to create a positive impact of your brand. A good reputation of brand means people will like the repeat purchases of your brand. They are also more likely to refer your brand to their closed ones. This is a great benefit of digital marketing without any doubt.

Internet marketing delivers immediate results:
It has been observed that internet marketing delivers immediate results as compared to conventional business marketing tactics. This is so because real time marketing tools like social media, blogs and mails are utilized that pave way for faster results. An email can reach in seconds to millions of people.
We also know that volume of online customers is increasing day by day and people react to these internet marketing channels instantly. This situation helps a lot in targeting the desired audience. Secondly, internet marketing helps to understand that what type of products people like. This reaction of people helps in revising the products on immediate basis to achieve desired targets.

Competition with larger organizations:
This is also one of the significant benefits of digital marketing. It is hard for small scale businesses to spend so much money on marketing due to small investment. They find it difficult to compete with large organizations with regard to marketing.

But digital marketing has solved this problem to a great extent. DM just needs time and little bit effort and small scale businesses can compete with the larger organizations. There is no requirement for high budgets.
Real time results:**
Digital marketing helps to review the real time results of a business. This is a very unique benefit of digital marketing. In case of traditional marketing approach, people need to wait for weeks or even months to see the actual results. Later on, marketers decide whether to continue the existing methods of their marketing strategy or not.

But in case of digital marketing, businesses can view the real time results of their campaigns immediately. The analytical view of website can guide that how many people have viewed the website? Which pages people like the most? What are the peak times when people visit the site? This information is quite handy for achieving desired results.

DM is different from the conventional marketing strategies. It provides immediate and more solid results. With digital marketing, it is very easy to reach audience, brand your products and services and devise plans with low budgets. These are the top 7 benefits of digital marketing you must know for businesses.

Importance of Digital Marketing in today's scenario | Findbusy

This blog post discusses the importance of digital marketing in today’s scenario. Digital marketing has become a need for modern day businesses. It is impossible for marketers to market their products without online existence. Most importantly, your competitors are online. They are marketing at larger scale to their targeted customers. Both, small and large businesses are reaching online audience extensively. This is why, it is vital to understand the need and follow recent trends.

Digital marketing is important for modern businesses because it provides level playing field. With digital marketing, both national and multinational organizations can compete at equal level.

This blog also throws light on the importance of keywords for digital marketing. It is important to market your products with prior research. A proper research into keyword can guarantee a successful digital marketing campaign. Your target audience can see your presence in digital world with these keywords.

SEO campaigns greatly rely on keywords. If customer searches for a product online but your website does not show the keyword, your business may not exist for them.



As we know that more than half of the population is using internet. In coming years, almost 80% of the population will be able to use internet. This trend speaks of the need for digital marketing and its importance in today’s world.Following points tell the importance of digital marketing in today’s scenario.

Level playing field for businesses:
The days are over, when digital marketing was used only by multinational companies. Previously, people believed that digital marketing was for the businesses who can spend huge amount of money on online campaigning. But, this is not true anymore because digital marketing is providing level playing field for all. It is giving small and medium businesses a chance to compete with larger companies. With digital marketing, small companies can use minimal resources to boost sales. They can market their products to larger audiences. Digital marketing is very useful because it provides equal opportunities to all for marketing their products.

Cost effectiveness and better ROI:
Importance of digital marketing in today’s scenario is undeniable due to its cost effectiveness. Digital marketing provides results with minimum cost. It enables you to achieve high Return on Investment as compared to traditional marketing.

Easily measurable outcomes:
It is difficult to measure outcomes of traditional marketing. But outcomes of digital marketing can be measured instantly as it provides in-depth analysis of campaigns. If a campaign is not successful in achieving results, it can be revised. Digital marketing has capacity to measure each tactic used in SEO campaigning.

This is why; digital marketing is being used at larger scale for marketing products.

Importance of digital marketing in today’s scenario

Competitors are online:
Digital marketing is highly important for modern businesses. This is due to the fact that all businesses are increasing their presence online. To increase your business, you must know what your competitors are doing..

It is important to beat your competitors in business but most important thing is to learn how they excel in business. Today, most of the businesses are enjoying online presence and boosting their sales. So, it also becomes important for you to market your business online to compete. Digital marketing gives you this opportunity to compete with competitors to increase your sales.
To access untapped market of customers:**
Digital marketing is of great value for modern businesses. It helps you reach an unexplored market of customers. It is now clear that due to internet, people always look for products and services online first. So, it is important to advertise your brand online.

High credibility:
Digital Marketing helps achieving high credibility for brands. Modern day businesses require trust of customers online. In online world, this trust is only achievable with digital marketing. When you optimize your brand in search engine, it brings your business in top ranks. This boosts your sales and increases confidence of customers.

Reach targeted audience:
Digital marketing helps businesses to reach very specific audience according to their needs. If a business demands to reach 18-30 years of adults living in one state of India, digital marketing can do that for you. This way, you only spend your resources on potential customers.

Importance of keyword in digital marketing

People search online with keywords known as connectors:
It is vital to discuss role of keywords while discussing importance of digital marketing in today’s scenario. Most people type a phrase in the search box for different products and services while searching online. In technical term, these phrases are called keywords. Keywords are also known as connectors which help customers to search their desired products online.

Keywords assure success of SEO campaigns:
Digital marketers and businessmen can get their desired results from SEO campaigns if they know these keywords. A successful marketing campaign is achievable mainly through proper keyword research.

With help of keywords research, your audience can search for your products and services by typing common terms and these common terms are the ones they use every day. But, the key to success is that your keyword must stand out. It will build up your contacts and create way for potential consumers.
Without right keywords, you may not have an online presence:**
When customers search different terms and do not find you on first page of search engine, they will probably never find your website. So, it is important that the keywords you use are highly relevant and important. This way, customers will always find you before making a purchase. Keyword research helps your business save money and this is due to the fact that you focus only on result driven keywords for generating traffic.

We have come to the conclusion that all businesses, small or large, understand importance of digital marketing in today’s scenario. In this digital world, it has become impossible to reach your targeted audience without digital marketing. You can only make big profits and boost businesses with your online presence.

In-house or outsourced digital marketing strategy: Which works better?

In-house or outsourced digital marketing strategy: Which works better? This is an important question that has been addressed in this blog. It discusses the pros and cons of in-house team and outsourced Digital Marketing. It also discusses in detail how an outsourced DM strategy can help your business. You can control your marketing strategy well with in-house team. You can see its progress every day, but it can be very expensive.

With outsourcing marketing agency, you come across with an experienced team of professionals. They already know the requirements of your business. They also have worked with various businesses before. And know all practices, latest trends and requirements of a specific business. Outsourcing gives you the opportunity to focus on other aspects of your business. You do not have to worry about running a marketing campaign.

Every business faces many challenging decisions on regular basis. But deciding about your Digital Marketing approach is one of the most important decisions to make. You can either create an in-house team for digital marketing. Or you can outsource the task to an external provider.

It is important to discuss about both in-house and outsourced digital marketing approach. How they work and which is better?

In-house digital marketing team:
An in-house digital marketing team can work well for your business. This is because it is well familiarized with your brand’s vision and its goals. The team is well-immersed with all procedures and processes. You can communicate your goals with them. You can also brain-storm about creating right DM campaigns on day to day basis. It also enables businesses to check daily processes. In-house team is great when you have some confidential business details. The details, you would not like to share with an outsourcing agency. In-house team gives you control about information about your business.

But if you cannot find the expert marketers for the given cost, it can impact the marketing campaigns. Studies show that 82% of marketers learn ins and outs of digital marketing through jobs. They do not have any required trainings so you may have to spend some money on learning also.


It’s high time to consider outsourcing if your business doesn’t have resources. Or it cannot afford required budget. Outsourcing can bring in a new perspective. An outsider sometimes can provide a fresh and creative approach. Besides that, there is no learning curve. These providers can start immediately as they know ins and outs of such businesses. Outsourcing enables you to work with professionals who can deliver desired results.

But digital marketing experts only work on 9-5 schedule. This can skip your business from targeting at a potential audience who may occur beyond traditional time frame.

In-house or outsourced digital marketing strategy: Which works better?
Direct access to experienced digital marketing experts:
In-house or outsourced digital marketing strategy: Which works better ? For an in-house team, you will have to find experts. But with outsourcing, you have direct access to professionals immediately. Any outsourced marketing effort can bring you desired results. This is because it depends on the people who design and execute it. A well reputed marketing agency has experience of working at larger scale. It is also possible that they may have worked with a business like yours.

This experience has made them experts in the field. It is also likely that these agencies have gained success with similar businesses. So, they know about all practices and latest trends needed for success of a business. This gives your business an edge. And you have more chances of success with an already tested marketing strategy.When you outsource, it will give you access to an experienced team. They will have required knowledge in the field.

Difference of cost:
A marketing manager in India may have a salary of 15 Lakh INR to 20 Lakh INR a year. This is salary for one employee. Imagine that you have to hire many other professionals to do the digital marketing job. It includes hiring of a web designer, SEO expert, social media manager and a content writer. Now you do the math. You will realize that how much having an in-house team is going to cost you for a digital marketing strategy. But, you can get the same job done from more experienced professional agency at much lower cost. You will not even have to go through the pain of finding different professionals. You can simply outsource the task to a more experienced team at low budget.

Lack of focus and interest:
In-house or outsourced digital marketing strategy: Which works better? While answering this question, it is important to discuss lack of focus in employees here.

Lack of focus is another important factor to consider when hiring an in-house team. You may find some of the best DM experts for running successful campaigns within your budget. But there is no guarantee that your business would be able to get the desired results. This is so, because the experts may lose interest in the same job over a period of time. If this happens, you will lose best marketers who are on top of their field. Moreover, your business will also lose creativity. Working on same projects for long period of time can lead lack of focus and interest. These professionals may get bored and cannot bring freshness to campaigns. Many studies show that professionals under age of 32 change their jobs a lot. Because they want to keep things interesting.

But, in outsourcing digital marketing agencies, professionals don’t get bored. As they start working on a new project every few weeks. So, they design marketing strategies with more enthusiasm.

In-house or outsourced digital marketing strategy: Which works better? This is a very tricky question. We have come to a conclusion that it bases on your business requirements, growth goals and its budget. But outsourcing works better for most businesses as it’s a cost effective approach. It also enables you to focus on other aspects of your business. This is because you don’t have to worry about devising a strong marketing strategy.