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Updated by Russell Deasley on May 10, 2013
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The World's Top 10 Most Amazing Cake Rolls

My memories of cooking in school are not good at all. I can clearly remember what I was asked to cook so recoil is not the issue here, the problem is that I am a rubbish cook! I will never forget the day I was told to make a Swiss Roll.

The World's Top 10 Best Cake Pops

Until recently I have been walking around with my eyes closed to the world. But the good news is now they are very widely open! But this isn't a religious thing, it is a cake thing!

The World's Top 10 Best Gingerbread Houses

This is not so much nursery rhyme inspired more kids cooking time inspired, because it just doesn't matter where you live or what sort of up bringing you have had you have definitely done one of these two things. 1) Made a Gingerbread house or maybe 2) seen a picture of one.

The World's Top 10 Best Charlotte Cakes

While my little boy was watching his children's TV channel, a show called Nuzzle and Scratch (A British children's television programme about two eponymous puppet alpacas) was on and their favourite food is sponge fingers. The point of this post is that they had decided they wanted to make a cake with them.

The World's Top 10 Most Unusual Oroes

When I was much younger a neighbour of ours went to America for a holiday and came back with something that forever changed my life. What he had brought me was a packet of Oreo's!

The World's Top 10 Best Whoopie Pies

Sometimes I am never sure whether or not to believe Wikipedia. While looking up the story behind some tasty looking snacks the person called "creamy turtles" Wiki said that they are in fact called "Whoopie Pies" and the story goes that when farmers found the treats in their lunch bags, they would shout "Whoopie!" this Wiki winding me up (as it so often does) or is that the real story.

The World's Top 10 Best High Heels Cupcakes

Before learning to do SEO and blog I thought I might just be able to start my own cupcake shop because my cupcakes looked OK and tasted not that bad at all. But when I found Pinterest I realised that I would have been a very small fish in a cut throat World.